View Full Version : Tower Speaker Pods Featuring 3-D Painted Skull

08-11-2008, 10:33 PM
These are not your ordinary speaker cans. The normal speaker cans that you can buy everywhere are just a round aluminum can. Yes they are shiny when polished, but BORING!!!! Dare to be different and have something on your boat that no one else has!

This is a pair of hand made and painted custom wakeboard boat tower speaker pods.

The speaker pods are made of 100% fiberglass, which makes them water proof, extremely strong, and light weight. The majority of the housing is roughly 1/8" thick with 3 layers of fiberglass matting. And the mounting ring of the pod is nearly 1/4" thick with 4 layers of fiberglass matting.

They are painted with automotive finish paint and clear coat, which will be very durable to a wet environment. The base coat is gloss black, with some blue airbrushwork. And then there are 3 layers of clearcoat. Each paint job is unique due to the fact that I do not use any kind of template, each paint job is done freehand.

The included mounting hardware is a pair of universal tower clamps that come adaptable to various tower tube diameters.

These pods are designed to hold a standard 6 1/2" speaker. They will also accomodate an oversized 6 1/2" and even a 7" speaker. The outer diameter of the mounting surface is 7 3/4" and the inner ring is 5". Depending on the speakers you want to use some trimming of the inner ring may be necessary.

For speaker wiring there are spring loaded / gold plated terminals.

Each pods' empty weight is a little more than a pound, which is mostly the weight of the clamp.

If you like these speaker pods but dont like the color scheme and/or tower clamp, please let me know. The pods can be painted with any colors and any clamp can be adapted to the pod.

I am asking $250 plus shipping for the pair you see in the pics. If you have any special requests we can work out some kind of deal.

If you are interested please email me at TIMOTHYLANGE@COMCAST.NET