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08-11-2008, 06:37 PM
Hope you don't mind a little shameless self promotion. I just started a new business venture (literally this last weekend) and I'm trying to generate some traffic. Details are below:

This is a promotion for a free classified ad listing to help you buy or sell a wakeboard boat or wakeboard gear. If you’re not interested, this is as far as you need to read.

Looking for a more focused website to sell your boat or wakeboard gear?
For a limited time, the new WakeTrader.net is offering free listings!
How does it work?

The short version:
- Visit www.wakedtrader.net
- Register for an account - very quick and easy.
- Create your listing and use the code "freelisting" in the discount code field.
- Regardless of what package you choose the listing will be discounted to $0!
- Edit, update and change your ad as much as you want.
- Ads run for 30 days!
- Post multiple listings and tell your friends -the freelisting promotion lasts through August 31.

Okay, now the long version if you want it:
- “freelisting” – remember this code!

- Simply visit www.waketrader.net

- Click on the link to Place an Ad.

- Register to use the site. We require registration to avoid fraudulent listings and not all listings on www.WakeTrader.net are free. You will receive an email reminder of your username and password as well as an email request to authenticate.

- Once registration is complete you can begin posting your boat or gear by logging in and clicking on Place an Ad once again.

- Select the appropriate category. (For example… Boats >> V-drive) Click Continue.

- Select the package you want (they’re free with the discount code below!) Click Continue.

- Fill in the details for your listing. The title for your ad, price, short description, long description, and select any extra options you like.

- At the very bottom there is a “Coupon or Discount Number:” field. Here you will want to enter “freelisting” (all one word without the quotes). Click Continue.

- The next step is to add images. Depending on the package you selected you can add anywhere from 1 to 10! Be sure to put a title on each picture.

- Once finished click Continue (or click Skip This Step if you placed fewer images than are available with the package. Your listing will still include the ones you added.)

- Next confirm your listing contact information.

- Finally you can preview your listing. At the bottom you will see a 100% discount on the price of the package you selected. (If you don’t, backtrack and make sure you entered “freelisting” in the Coupon or Discount Number Field.)

- Click continue and your ad has been posted! You can review, delete or update your listing at anytime during the 30 day period.

Why use WakeTrader?
Well for starters, right now it’s free! Plus the website will be heavily promoted through many different channels over the coming weeks and months. Get in early while you can!

Don’t delay – this free listing offer expires August 31, 2008.

Thank you for your support of WakeTrader – and tell your friends!