View Full Version : Upgrading Stock Ballast Pumps

08-06-2008, 08:34 PM
I searched the forum and although there is a lot of discussion on this, I didn't see what I was looking for. I am interested in quicker fill and empty times and would like to see about upgrading the ballast pumps. I looked at the stock pumps on my Gravity III system today and see that the fill pump is a 1200GPH Rule Model 207F. I probably can't improve much on that unless I want to increase the hose diameters from 3/4" to 1-1/8" throughout the system. The stock evac pumps are 700GPH with a 3/4" inlet/outlet and I see that Rule makes an 1100GPH version of this pump with a 3/4" discharge. See the link below.

http://www.rule-industries.com/products/pumps/livewell_pumps/stc_series_pro_seriestm_removable_motor_cartridge_ copy/iid_3479/index.htm

It sells for about $45 so I thought about buying one to see how much it speeds up the evac process. I really only need one since it's the 750lb surf sac that takes so long to empty.

So has anyone upgraded their stock 700gph evac pump with a higher capacity one?

My brother has a 750# sac on his Tige that we filled and emptied with a 1200 gph Tsunami and it was super quick. Of course, it used 1-1/8" diameter hose.

Thanks for any input.