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07-31-2008, 12:29 PM
I just want to give a big shout and a thank you to Skiers Choice for standing behind their boats. Right when I thought I was going to get screwed, Skiers Choice stepped in and took care of things.

Earlier this year I purchased a new Mobius LS from a dealer in a different state. I won't state the dealers name or location. I don't want to offend anybody. Upon arriving home to Utah after picking up the boat, I could really smell brake lining burning and the trailer wheels were super hot to the touch. So I called the dealer who sold me the boat. He told me I had better get it checked out. So I took it to my local Dealer, Marine Products, and they sprayed something on the coupler to help it slide. That seemed to work for a while. But a little over a month ago I was headed to the lake when someone pulled up next to me and told me that my trailer tires were smoking! I pulled over and apparently the brakes had started dragging again - this time even worse. One of the wheels had got so hot that it blew the wheel seal and bearing grease/oil had sprayed everywhere.

I took it back to Marine Products. To make a long story short, Boatmate - the company who makes Moomba's trailers, not Skiers Choice, is responsible for the trailers. And the components on the trailers is the responsiblity of the manufacturer of those components. That company is Unique Functional Products. It was easy for UFP to determine that the cause of all my trailer problems was that the emergency cable had been pulled. UFP said that is not a defect and is not covered under their warrantee. They sent new parts to Marine Products free of charge but they would not cover Marine Products labor. So I was going to have to cough up the labor to install all new trailer parts - about $400.00. I told Jim at Marine Products, who was very helpful and good to work with, that I had never pulled the thing. He told me that if I was smelling brake lining when I first picked the trailer up then the emergency cable had been pulled prior to my getting the boat. That meant the other dealer had pulled the cable. I called the other dealer and told them everything that had happened and reminded them of my call a few months back telling them that my brakes were dragging. They conviently couldn't remember our conversation and said there was nothing they could do.

At this point I was pretty upset because I had purchased a defective trailer and nobody wanted to take responsiblity for it. What good is a warrantee if no one stands behind it? So I then took things to the next level by contacting Skiers Choice. I explaining what had happened. I told them I felt the responsiblity lied with the "other" dealership who sold me the boat. Skiers Choice said they would check into it. A few days later I get a call from Marine Products. They tell me that Skiers Choice had just called them and that they, Skiers Choice, would cover Marine Products labor. All I had to do was to pick up my boat which I did that day.

I can't express how impressed I am with Skiers Choice in the way they immediately took care of this. I don't know if they are talking to the others involved holding them responsible. But they immediately took care of the problem for me so that I could get my boat back. They didn't want me, the customer, to be strong out in the cold while they figured out who was responsible. Skiers Choice take care of their customers and they stand behind their boats. That is exceptional customer service. A good friend of mine is looking at a Supra from Marine Products. But he backed off when they saw me having these problems. Now he is back looking at the Supra (I just got off the phone with him). He was impressed with their customer service as well.

Any way, thank you Rob and Mike at Skiers Choice. You defined excellent customer service. You have a customer for live now.

Garn Arnold

07-31-2008, 03:52 PM
Great to hear the good stories as well.:D

07-31-2008, 07:29 PM
Congrats on the fast response from SC. I wished that they worked that fast for our friend Z. He had to pull teeth to get his boat fixed. Well on the other hand, maybe because Z was on their case, they are looking at these issue with a different eye now. Again congrats and hope your friend continues looking and hopefully purchasing a Supra.

07-31-2008, 08:57 PM
Garn, I'm so glad to hear this story. It is the reason we all believe in SC. They obvioulsy are focused on customer service, remebering we are a vocal group. Thanks Skiers Choice, this is why we love to brag about our boats!

07-31-2008, 11:05 PM
Happy to hear it all worked out in the end, but hate the fact that you had to prove you were not at fault. I wish SC could have more influence over the dealers and the way the dealers treat the customer.

08-01-2008, 06:22 PM
To cover an issue that is questionable (not even) whether they are responsible really goes above and beyond. Consider yourself fortunate.
The real question is...are they gonna be able to keep it up?
I'm waiting for the next person who doesn't get whip cream on his and the bashing he deals out. We all know you can't please everyone. SC, prolly more than aware.