View Full Version : 99' Mobius Ballast

07-31-2008, 11:44 AM
Hi, I have a 99' mobius with a factory ballast in the rear ski locker. The factory system is two plastic tanks one in front, one behind that total about 350#s. The system has one fill that fills both tanks at the same time and two drains that work seperately. There is also a side output that is used to bleed all the air out. I took the carpet off my ski locker and watched as it fills and noticed that water will come out or both drains and the air output (Which I would normally assume means it is full) long before the front tank is completley full. causing it to take even longer to completly fill because it is draining water that could be used for filling. How can I tell if the tanks are full once the carpet is back on? And is this normal operation? All input is welcome. Thanks