View Full Version : Problem with Fat Sac and Pump Leaking

07-28-2008, 04:20 PM
Hey guys,
I'm deciding to put my 750LB. Fly High fat sac in place of the rear seat. I'm finally getting really comfortable on my wakeboard and want a bigger wake to try and shape it a bit better. The sac is brand new and I got it for free which was awesome. I have an Attwood 750GPH pump which came with the boat when I bought it. The pump has the blue connectors on each end which I think should work with any fat sac.
So the other day I wanted to test the pump and tried to fill the sac up. I had a 55 gallon drum with rain water in it and I plugged the blue connector into the sac and dropped the pump into the drum. I then hooked it up to the power supply and she started pumping away.
PROBLEM: The fitting is leaking right where it goes into the sac. It's almost like the water is spraying back out at me and I tried pushing the fitting down into the sac as hard as I could and it still leaks.
Anyone know why this is? Is there some other connection I need for it?
I'm eventually going to upgrade to the Tsunami pump, but this is all I have for right now.