View Full Version : Back from Vacation

07-26-2008, 10:13 PM
I just got back into town this afternoon. My family and I went to Northern Calif. We have been going to Lake Don Pedro for about 27 years now. This was my second trip with the LSV. The boat was awesome. I tested my new Star Gazer PP. Worked Great. No problems what so ever. I also tried my new acme prop. ACME 14.25x14. Hole shot was amazing. We wakeboarded, surfed, and skiied. The weather was great. The only problem was that I only saw one other Moomba on the water. I will post pics of the trip.

Just to let everybody know, There was a few newbies in the group. They all wakeboard and surf now. My little sister's boyfriend now wants to buy a Moomba. We may have another one in the family.