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07-24-2008, 11:50 PM
Hi Gang

we are goofy footers on my boat so cant complain about the wake on the outback V with gravity 3 balasts. I usualy fill all and have the wake plate 50% 9.8 to 10MPH 1 driver 1 passanger and 1 surfer.

now biger is better... so... Can i fit a 750 in the back locker? and use the 2stock rear gravity 3's (i think 350) behind driver on seats?

Or leave the stock gravity 3 and use the 750 behind drivers seat?

anyone try this setup?

Also silly question, can i use the tsunamy pump to empty?

07-25-2008, 12:03 AM
An inexpensive way is to do what I did. I upgraded both of my rear bags to the 400 lbs bags. I take one out and put it in the seat of the surf side. So now I have two 400 lbs bags on one side, wake plate at about 25%, front bag about half to 3/4 full and I can surf all day long behind my 2002 V which is the same hull as yours. I also extened the fill hoses so the can go over the back of the seats and fill the bag that is now in the seat. I will take some pics this weekend.

I use a Tsunami pump to epmty the bag using the cigarette lighter.

07-25-2008, 12:16 AM
Great Thanks! How do you like the tower speakers? do they make the tower rattle?are they in the way? I was looking at getting them?

07-25-2008, 12:50 PM
If you allready have the gravity 3 system the way Jesse did it seems to be the best way to go. I didnt have the rear sacks so I bought an 800lb sack (50X24) for my surfside locker and plumbed it into my existing system along with a tsunami to empty it. I also have 2 250's for werever I need them with another tsunami I plug into my cigarette lighter.

07-25-2008, 12:53 PM
Jesse are you saying your wakeplate is only 25% up? Do you get any lenght out of your wave? Reason I ask is I was running my plate almost all the way up and my wave was plenty high but not very long. I was thinking about adding more wieght up front but not sure what to do.

07-25-2008, 01:11 PM
Jesse are you saying your wakeplate is only 25% up? Do you get any lenght out of your wave? Reason I ask is I was running my plate almost all the way up and my wave was plenty high but not very long. I was thinking about adding more wieght up front but not sure what to do.

Since we have only been out twice wakesurfing and we are still using the ocean board, I am not sure how far back we could ride with the correct board. This just seemed to be the best setting to have a nice crisp wave without any wash in it. Now that we have the 800 on one side and the 400 up front the wave is about 12-15 feet back, still close and every now and then I do pass the boat and lose the wave on the way back. This weekend will be the first weekend with the true wake surf board and I will be sure to take pics.

Remember on my 02 the wake plate guage reads from 0 - 100 and the plate only goes from 0 - 50, not sure why they did this. So at zero it is all the way up and at 50 it is all the way down. My gauge reads 25 when we are surfing So that translates to my wakeplate being up about half way or a little more. This always seems to change depending on the number of people in the boat. I had our wives each under 100# each and my buddy @ 160# in the boat. We ahve run with the gauge at the 10% mark, but it starts to introduce wash when we are riding in light chop, but is the best setting for ruining glassy water.

07-25-2008, 02:37 PM
Jesse, what board did you end up getting.

Glassy water. Can't believe that some people think that wakesurfers should stay out of it.

Only had the cash to pick up an O'Brien Alias. I really enjoy skim boarding from when I lived on Jax Beach, so the "slippery" feel of the Alias may not be that bad. Next year I plan on riding a JesseC custom wake surf board!!!

07-25-2008, 04:29 PM
I read your post above about extending the hoses to fill for surfing..
Here is my short and long term plans.. Tell me what you think.. Since I can't find the Fly High fittings locally, I am gonna run to home depot and get 3/4" hose and barbed connector fitting for both fill/empty hoses on the starboard side. When Surfin, I will then move that sac to the port side of the cockpit for added ballast.
Long term, I'll buy the male fittings and make the extensions removeable (normal length for filling sac in rear locker..or plug extensions in to move to cockpit surf side.)

Make sure I am correct.. the hose is 3/4" ID right? We looked at the article that Ed referenced from wakesurfing mag and we are anxious to get a bigger/longer wave!
Hope the new alias werks good for you....
I tried out a Ride and a yellow loogey last weekend on a friends boat.. I currently have LF Venture 5'0 and am getting close to free ride... I seem to get it and then i get too much weight forward and nose dive.. Ride seemed to hold a little steadier, but we were in an X-30 and did not have enough people/ballast... to get a good wave.. all the peeps on the dock disappeared when we went to surf... I can only imagine what that X30 will do full of people...

07-25-2008, 04:44 PM

What we actually do is we wakeboard and kneeboard during the day with all of the sacs filled. When we are ready to wake surf, I empty the starboard bag and take it out and place it in the port side rear seat. I then unplug the PORT side bag that is full and pull the hose over the seat and fill the now moved starboard bag that is in the port rear seat. This hose was long enough to reach, but when we setup goffy footers the starboard hose would not go over the seat for a starboard side fill. So basically, I use the Port side to fill the port side bag that is in the rear seat.

Trying to use one of the evac pumps on an exteded line is not a good idea, the problem is that the pumps will cavitate and it is an absolute b!+ch to get them to pump. You have to pump up hill to go over the seat and then all the way back to the evac pump and not get any air!!!!

Also, now that the bag is in the seat, you have to have "plugs" to keep the water in the bag. I ordered 5 of the fly high 90 degree fittings to create my setup. Three of the flyhigh fittings have a 2" long hose on them with pipe caps in the end to act as plugs on the sac in the seat. I put a "plug" in one of the top fill ports, one in the evac port. The other fill port has the hose from the original port bag filling it, but once it is done, I hook it back on the port bag in the engine compartment and then put a "plug" in the port seat sac.

When we are done, I pull the "plug" on the evac port and quickly plug in a Tsunami pump that I outfitted with the other 2 fly high fittings I ordered and just evac over the side of the boat.

I will post pics Saturday night with all of the parts and the steps I used to make them.

Hope all of that makes since.

07-25-2008, 04:44 PM
Oh yeah, the hoses are 3/4 inch Internal Diameter.

07-25-2008, 05:06 PM
Thanks Jesse.
I think I will run the drain hose under the back seat and come up from the floor where the cover over the trans/ballast solenoids are so it does not go up and over..
This will be a quick temp fix to try..
Have a big weekend.. I hope to get in a couple of days of riding!:cool:

07-30-2008, 01:01 AM
Here are some of the pics from what I used to build a fill/evac pump and some "caps" to move one of my bags out into the seating area. I had the pump already and bought some parts to build my moveable setup.

All of the parts I had accumulated.

Here are the "caps" that I made to block of the bags.

Here are all the completed parts.

Here is the setup in the port side of the boat.

07-30-2008, 05:28 PM
I see your rider has his heels on the surfboard and ready to go!!

Yeah, that is me getting ready to try out the new weight setup. I forgot to take pictures of the bag in the seat by itself, but it was in the foreground of the pic above. With the 900 lbs on the port side and the front bag about half full running 9.8 MPH with the wakeplate @ 80-90% up the Alias was a blast. I could ride it as long as I wanted and even tried a few kick turns. Those still leave a little to be desired, but I am working on it.