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10-24-2003, 02:03 AM
Just wondering if anyone else has had any problems with the fit of the factory boat cover. I've got an '03 Mobius d-drive and haven't been happy with the fit of the cover since I got it. It just seems like the fit of the cover is a little less than custom. There is way too much material from the windshield back to the rear of the boat. No matter how I try to tighten it or tie it down it still seems too baggy. This is with the supplied support posts in as well.

I try to avoid trailering my boat with the cover and don't think I'd even consider it with this one. It would definitely flap around and try to beat my boat to death if it didn't rip itself apart first. The big problem, however, is parking the boat outside. The first night I had the boat I tied the cover down and strapped it as tight as I could. Unfortunately it rained that night and when I came out in the morning I was more than a little surprised to find about 10 or 12 gallons of water had accumulated between the motor cover and rear seat. This has happened at least one time since then.

Since then I have gotten another support pole that I place under the reinforced patch in the cover between the motor cover and the rear seat, but it still doesn't seemed to have tightened things up enough to make a difference and only makes it look like the water will just accumulate farher forward. By the way, thanks to Dan at Extreme Powersports, who just gave me the extra post the last time I was there.

The other thing I noticed that seemed unusual is that there are no tie down straps from about the trailer wheels all the way to the rear of the boat. Just seems like this could be part of the reason I can't get the cover tight enough to shed water in that area. As a final resort, I've had to buy one of those cheap plastic tarps from Walmart and bungee it down over the rear of the boat to run the water off, but rain still makes me nervous and the extra time covering the boat is kind of a pain.

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed anything like this. Is there a chance I got the wrong cover with my boat? Other than that particular area, it seems to fit pretty good and the material and quality seem to be top notch. I definitely don't want to wake up some morning after a heavy rain and find a gaping hole in the cover from the weight of the water.

10-24-2003, 04:41 AM
I have a 2001 Outback, and had similar problems with puddling in the back. The extra pole between the motor box and back seat did the trick for me.
Maybe using wooden bows would work better for your boat. Here's a link to some for sale at Overton's....good luck!