View Full Version : Trip To Powell Saved!

07-22-2008, 10:11 AM
We went to Lake Powell this weekend. The first morning we went cruising to look for a spot to park the house boat. After cruising for 45 minutes and then returning to the dock the boat would not start. It would crank but not turn over. I called my dealer and he said it sounded like the fuel pump wasgoing bad and that it sounded like vapor lock. He told me to put ice or a cold rag on the fuel pump. I did this and it worked long enough to get us to the place we were going to put our house boat and then it would not start again. I started calling boat shops in Page to see if they had a fuel pump for my boat. None did but I luckily found the saving grace to our trip. Bill and Tony's boat repair shop. Bill listened to what was going on and told me it wasn't the fuel pump and that he could fix it in a couple of hours. I finally got it to start again with the cold rag trick and then got it to his shop at 6:30 PM. He said he would have it ready by 7:00 the next morning. I called him the next morning and he had it ready. The problem was a check valve of some sort between the fuel tank and the pump. The valve was making the pump work to hard to pull the fuel through the line and that was why the pump was overheating and vapor locking. $300 later and we finished the next two days without a problem. Many thanks to Bill at Bill and Tony's 24 hr boat repair shop in Page.