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07-20-2008, 02:10 PM

In an attempt to provide some level of feedback and information for those that are considering wakesurfing for the first time, I thought I'd share our experience. Hope you find it informative and helpful!

We have an 07 Moomba Outback V - We havent added any after market equipment to the boat at this point. Wanted to have a good understanding of what could be accomplished with the standard equipment that came with the boat. This includes the Gravity III ballast system.

We purchased the CWB Ride board based on some online research and a talk with some experienced riders at the local ride shop here in Dublin, CA. We were looking for a board that would provide us with an opportunity to get up and learn the ropes (for even those that had never wake boarded). We believe we have the perfect board in the CWB Ride.

As for the rope, we went with the Proline 16' T-Bar Surf Rope. Again, our intention was to have the proper rope for safety while ensuring an easy grip for the deep water starts.

We got to the lake in the AM and played around with the ballasts. We filled the left ballast first and without a rider drove up and down the lake @ 8-10 mph to get a feel for how the weight in the boat and speed effected the wake. We found that more weight was required and filled the center ballast. Even with these both full an additional 200+/- lbs (added someone to the passenger side during the test) was found to really increase it in height and cleaned it out. We didnt have enough people on the boat to really go much further (flakes!). The correct speed in our boat with this setup was 9 mph. (locked in the cruise @ 9 mph thereafter)

My first attempt I got up and after approx. 4-5 rides was starting to try out pumping and floaters. No free ride the first time out! :(

Even riders with no previous experience with wake boarding, etc. we're able to get up after a few attempts. This is I'm sure in part to the great instructional video we bought (the DVD that came with the Ride was lack luster), Wakesurf Instructional Vol 1 & 2. Worth every penny! http://www.buywake.com/catalog/detail/hq1bU

We had 5 boards on board (Wakeskate, Wakeboards, Kneeboard & wakesurf board) and only the wakesurf was pulled out! It's highly addictive and cant wait to get back out there!

With more weight (looking for a 250lbs ballast system for the passenger side), I'm sure we'll get the free rides.

I also purchased the FAE for our boat as we want to ensure everyones safety in and out of the boat. I'll be sure to post pics once installed and happy to post info on our experience behind the boat with it installed if anyone is interested. ;-)

I posted a couple of pics of the CWB Ride board in the stock racks and a pic of myself on the first ride out. (See below)

I'll post again after we add weight and riders to the boat.

Good luck!



07-20-2008, 05:55 PM
That sounds about right.

I have the gravity3 system on my OBV and it's not enough. I added a 725lb bag and now it's PERFECT!

07-20-2008, 08:15 PM

Good to hear you have discovered surfing. And it sounds like you are going about it the right way.

Where do you ride in the Dublin area?


07-21-2008, 10:46 PM
MeachDog, I agree about the addiction completely. While I am far from the expert that many on this board are who have been helping me, I just love it.

07-23-2008, 02:46 PM

Good to hear you have discovered surfing. And it sounds like you are going about it the right way.

Where do you ride in the Dublin area?


We typically go to Lake Don Pedro (have a house nearby). Have spent some time at Woodward Res in Oakdale. It gets blown out a lot though in the mid day. I am thinking about storing the boat for a month out at the new Whiskey Slough Marina on the Delta and trying out the Delta waters. Anyone have some good spots to hit out there?


Also looks like Lake Anderson in Morgan Hill is a good place to go. Hope to give it a shot before the end of the season as it's only 50 mins from the house in Dublin.

Couple of riders from MOB surf out there.