View Full Version : Wakeplate Problems

06-29-2008, 11:26 AM
We were out on my new 08 XLV (12 hours) for the day yesterday and about 1 hour into the day, the wake plate stopped working. I spent an hour tracing every wire from the trim switch to the fuses and back to the pump. I noticed there was no sound at all from both pumps so I decided to follow the ground wire from each. They were joined together so I followed that black wire back to where it mounts on the engine. Gave a little tug and it popped right out of the crimp on connector. I took the wire and held it against another ground point on the engine and guess what, the plate worked. We adjusted it all the way up and left it for the day.

I just thought i'd post this in case others had a problem with their plate not working. I was sure glad I didn't take a day off work and drive the boat 2 hours each way plus repair time for a loose wire! Sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself.