View Full Version : Moomba Toughness

10-06-2003, 12:13 AM
To anyone who has doubts about Moombas, let me share a bit about what makes my '99 Outback a special boat.

About a year ago, while camping at a N. Texas lake, I stupidly left the boat tied to the bank, where it spent all night pounding against a slab of concrete too deep to see, but not deep enough to avoid contact with the hull.

After realizing what had happended, & pulling the boat out to check the damage, I had a gash about 1' long X 1" wide ripped in the back, starboard side hull.

Not wanting to scrap the trip, I rolled the dice & put the boat back in the water the next day, & took the kids out for a day of slalom & wakeboard fun .

Not only did the boat perform flawlessly, but we rescued a '60s model Nautique that had broken down & was drifting into a stumpy area. Ripped hull & all, the Moomba towed that dead Nautique about 10 miles back to its marina slip.

Afterward, Ronnie & Dennis @ Waterski Boats Dallas worked their magic & put my toy back together as good as new.

I'll never own another brand of inboard except Skier's Choice!