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06-09-2008, 12:39 AM
Hello all. I just got home from the lake house and had a great weekend. However, I think my 3 week old Clarion EQ took a dump on me. The EQ lights up and all my amps are "on" but no sound? I do not have the AUX in the "on" position and yes I made suure all the RCA cables are connected. The EQ worked great for the past 3 weekends but no sound this weekend. Any ideas? I know this EQ is not a Marine unit like the Wet Souds EQ but I believe many of you guys use this EQ without issue. Maybe just a bad unit? Or should I uprgade to the West Sounds EQ to make sure no more problems down the road? I do store my boat on a lift for the summer months witht the stock Moomba butoon down covers. F.Y.I. when I touched the main RCA input to any of the Output RCA's (tower speaker, cabin or sub) the speakers came on so it must be an issue in the EQ right???