View Full Version : Dallas Waterski Boats Owners Reunion June 7th

06-03-2008, 10:52 AM
Attention all Moomba Owners: Join Marty McFly, the Waterski Boats Dallas crew and Skiers Choice this Saturday, June 7th at Lake Lewisville’s Cottonwood Creek Marina for the 1st Annual Dallas Owners Reunion Float Party.

Registration is from 10am to noon at Cottonwood Creek Marina. The Waterski Boats Dallas crew has an awesome line for the day featuring a catered lunch with raffles, giveaways and the best stereo contest.

Don’t miss this unforgettable boating experience. Come hang out with people who share the same passion for watersports as well as Supra and Moomba boats! Enjoy the camaraderie, win lots of prizes, show off your boat and hang out with factory representatives from Skiers Choice, Ronix, Hyperlite, Monster Tower, Fox, Jet Pilot, Osiris Shoes, Hoven Sunglasses, too many to list!

This is our way of thanking you for your steadfast loyalty and passion for our boats. So come on out, you deserve it!

06-20-2008, 02:44 PM
2008 1st Annual Owners Reunion Dallas, TX

After talking with the owners at the reunion this past Saturday I learned that Waterski Boats Dallas is a dealership that is truly dedicated to their customers and their customer are truly dedicated to them.

The owners I had the opportunity to share stories with couldn’t be happier with Waterski Boats Dallas sales style, customer service, parts, variety and knowledge within the pro shop. In addition, I was told several times that when you buy a boat from Waterski Boats Dallas not only do you get a great solid boat, but you get the entire boating lifestyle experience. Some of them joked with Marty explaining that he should charge more for the new lifestyle that he introduces his customers to.

All in all Waterski Boats Dallas is a dealer that has their act together from Sales, service, events and their outstanding community involvement! Story after story was told how they saved owners from missing a weekend on the lake by repairing what mishap the owner had the weekend before or the great new board they got and the sweet new trick they learned from Marty.

The owners also couldn’t be happier with Skiers Choice. Time after time I heard customer success stories. One where the customer bought his second Supra from us, the engine blew and we quickly replaced the engine for him. He never expected the issue to really be covered under the warranty and to be fixed so timely.

Another customer talked about how they called Skiers Choice customer service on a Saturday when they took their boat out for the first time and it wouldn’t start. They said someone actually answered the phone, instructed them to flip a switch and the engine started right up. They couldn’t be happier. They explained, “How many times do you call a manufacturer and someone actually answers the phone, especially on a Saturday!”

Another customer shared a story with me about the time they had met Rick at a Boat Show in Dallas. They explained they were building a new home and were concerned about the height of their garage. Rick took their number and called them that following Monday after the show. They could not believe that the President of the company even remembered their casual conversation at a boat show and later called to help them even further with their situation.

So from this event I learned that all those little things that the dealer does and that we, Skiers Choice, do to support them really does make a difference and our owners never forget it.