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06-02-2008, 10:54 AM
Not sure if this is the right section for something like this or not, but here goes. After sucky weather last Memorial day mother nature really made up for it this past one. That being said, we decided to take off Friday and wear out the local lake with the 'ol Mobius LSV. We had such a blast that we decided to go back out Saturday. Typically at the end of the day I'll back the boat back under the carport, unhitch, etc. But, knowing that we were going back out Sat, I left everything hooked up in the driveway. Not sure if that constant pressure on the surge brakes "froze" something or what but when we got back that evening, the driver's (port) side of the trailer smelled like brakes and the wheel was extremely hot. I checked the other side and everything was fine. This is my 6th summer towing on this trailer and everything has been fine so far so I'm not sure if there's something I need to do to "release" that one side. I did a visual check of everything and from what I can see everything seems normal. Fluid levels, no kinks in any lines, and the reverse release actuator is operating normally. Thanks for any help or suggestions, Jon...

06-02-2008, 12:52 PM
I also have an 02 mobius LSV and last fall when I brought the boat home, I had the same exact thing happen except it was on both sides. The hub got hot enough to let the grease liguify and it seaped past the bearing buddies. This caused grease to sling everywhere!! I had grease on the trailer both sides of the back of the boat and on my shorts (from checking everything!). Prior to the trip this was and is the first and last time I let the marina guys bring my boat around. I figure he stopped to hard and the breaks "locked" up so my trailering it 50 miles really got things hot!!! I did stop half way and correct the problem. There is a little tab that hangs down just behind the coupler that has very tiny ridges in it. I believe it is part of the emergency break system. If you push it up it releases the actuater on the master cylinder. I have now made this part of the pre-flight inspection. I simply push up on the tab a few times before we head out and I have not seen the problem since. Sitting in the driveway with force on the breaks may have caused the actuator to stick in this tab/bracket. If you need more info on the tab/bracket. I will take some pics this evening. Hope this helps.

06-03-2008, 08:51 AM
Thanks so much for the reply. I have always seen that tab underneath and wondered what it was for but I sort of live by the "if you don't know what it is or does, don't touch it" rule. We're going out again this weekend so this is definately going to be at the top of our pre-flight checklist as well. Hopefully this will solve the problem. Thanks again!