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05-31-2008, 10:00 AM
So, last weekend on my second barefoot run of the morning the bilge pump started pouring water like crazy. (the auto bilge that is). I knew the plug was in, did it myself and had someone watch me. We stopped and oh $#*&, there was water in the floor and up to the bottom of the oil pan it was coming in so fast the bilge could not keep up.

I will admit panic set in because we were a few miles from the ramp. Our first thought was the shop had left something loose when they winterized it, but that was easy to diagnose. We spent about 2 minutes looking for the water coming in and never found it!

We spent the next two hours with the floor out of the boat idling in the no wake zone trying to find it. We finally stopped and just sat there with the motor off scratching our head, and heard water dripping. The filter on the ballast hose was loose, we took the filter and valve off during the winter, and took the bag out then blew out the hoses to make sure nothing froze up. Whew, problem solved put the boat back together. (now some of you people that are smarter than me, have already figured out that a leaking filter could not put that much water in a boat that fast.)

Later that afternoon we started wakeboard runs and tried to fill the balast tank, but somewhere in our morning session we flipped the manual valve on the ballast intake. So we flipped it back and turned on the pump, water galore in the back again, oh $#*@ again. So we assume a hose is off, ok now that makes sense. We forego any ballast weight and just assume we will fix the hose when we get home.

So this morning I took the back of the boat apart to see how I can get to the hoses on the pump. (He SC that was tough.) Tee pump was broken see pictures below.

Anyone think this is or should be covered under warranty?

It is not like someone could brake this off by force, it is hidden in a pretty tight spot?