View Full Version : 2003 LSV Steering cable location design flaw

05-23-2008, 11:14 PM
2003 LSV Steering cable replacement is a pain in the as&*. WE shouldnt be having to replace the corroded steering cables as we all have or will do. I just replaced the cable $140.00 and about 4 hrs by me self. The problem is the cable runs below the engine in the lowest part of the boat. This is where of course the water is going to be regardless how often you bilge or sponge. The water gets in the cable, no way to keep it out. Then corrosion happens and you have to take out the floorboards and snake the new cable through. Either they need a new design to keep it out of the water, or come up with a waterproof design. Pretty disappointed in Skiers choice not addressing the issue will ALL have. When you have to replace your steering cable, you will be feeling the same way. Ok, now I'm done griping.:)

05-27-2008, 12:56 AM
The cable that you installed in your boat is a new design that helps to keep the water out. This is a wakeboard hull which is designed to ride low in the water. which causes the water to sit in the back of the boat. The new cable contains a better seal to help with the corosion on the cable. You can also puch grease in the end to help the corosion as well. Many of us have already taken on this project which is common in wake style hulls. In ski hulls, the water settles more toward the middle instead of the stern like the wake hulls.

05-28-2008, 08:03 AM
Alot of wakeboarding is / has been done in me '04 OB. Means the nose of the boat rides high and water goes to the back. Based on my experience with the old I/O I used to own (and 10-speeds, lawn mowers, virtually anything that has cables), I've been greasing the ends of those things for what seems like forever to prevent water intrusion.
The OB still steers like day one, throttle cables still move smooth. Cheap fix for what could be an expensive and PITA endeavor to replace.
Hope this helps