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05-21-2008, 04:57 PM
Hey I am thinking about possibly getting an Outback, and all the standard features really impress me. The only thing I am curious about is how much is the Wakeboard package and what all does it include?

05-21-2008, 06:48 PM
I ordered my Outback at the January 2007 boat show. It was a while ago, but my recollection is that each of the wakeboard related options was separate. I don't remember a package. I ordered the tower and ballast. I think the ballast, which fits under the Outback's stern bench seat, is around 400 pounds. Not much weight, but fine for my purpose. The primary use of the boat is water skiing. However, I've seen some pretty accomplished boarding behind an Outback.

Cost of the tower was $1,795. The ballast (w/pump) was $795. Again, I think these numbers are correct. Note that these two items were standard on the LS model during the boat show. But the LS cost more than an Outback and is not a certified ski tow boat. I'm on a budget, plus I really wanted a ski boat. Not that I'm that good, it's just what I grew up with (Nautique) and fits my comfort zone.

Below is an early version of the spreadsheet I used to get a handle on pricing both the Outback and LS in the process of deciding which to buy.

Really like my Ooutback. - Deerfield

Specifications Outback Mobius LS
Length 20' 6" 21' 6"
Width 7' 11" 8' 1"
Weight 2,750 lbs 3,100 lbs
Gunwale 24 in 28 in
Passengers Max 10 13
Storage Capacity 47 cu ft 63 cu ft
AWSA Certified Yes No

Standard Features
Tower No Yes
Wakeboard Ballast No Yes

Base Price $26,995 $32,595

Options Outback Mobius LS
Wakeboard Tower $1,795 NA
Tandem Axle Trailer $1,095 $1,095
Wakeboard Ballast $795 NA
Cabin Heater $550 $550
Canvas Cover $495 $495
Spare Tire w/ Bracket $395 $395
Docking Cleats $295 $295
Docking Lights $295 $295
Tower Mirror Bracket $195 $195
Boat Buddy $195 $195
Moomba Guide Pole Covers
Additional Speakers (2)
3-Year Warranty NC NC Value = $995
Color Upgrade NC NC Value = $650
Kenwood Sound System NC NC Value = $595
Tower Bimini Top NC NC Value = $550
Price w/Options $33,100 $36,110
Lake County Sales Tax $2,152 $2,347
TOTAL $35,252 $38,457

Illinois Title and Registration $175 $175

First Season In/Out Service NC NC Value = $1,750
First Season Winterization NC NC Value = $275
Twenty-Hour Check NC NC Value = $225
Winter Storage $588 $588


05-21-2008, 07:07 PM
Thanks, I just read from the website that says

" The back seat can function as an extension of the sundeck. And with the addition of an optional Wakeboard package (as pictured), you will enjoy throwing a board in the water to mix up your slalom sets."

thats why I assumed it was a package but thanks for all your info that was great