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09-13-2003, 08:04 PM
Ok guys,

I have noticed a number of posts asking what people do to keep the tower from riding on the boat when folded down for storage. I had made a support for myself and I am now ready to make them in large numbers. I call it the Tower Jack II, patent pending. Check it out and let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions.

I will have more pictures in a few days.

09-13-2003, 10:18 PM
sorry to bust your bubble... and decrease profits..but most people can go to a home depot and by 2 lengths of 2" pipe insulation (the dark grey kind with a slit up the middle )slide those on and lower tower.. i do it all by myself... tower is heavy though so be ready the last couple feet...

i can see the benefit of your product for those that arent tall enough to reach the top of the tower(i'm 6'4") as they lower and also dont want the strain on their back as they lift and lower all the way down.

nice looking product.. a bit pricy for me though

09-14-2003, 12:55 AM
Nice idea, especially for those that want something that looks built for the job.

You should try working on a small electric hydraulic setup that mounts where the tower separates in the back so you can fold it by flipping a switch. You could make some serious cash off all those kids that have more speakers on the tower than they have muscles to lower them.

Good luck, hope you make yourself some extra spending cash with the idea. Only don't make too much or you'll be end up looking for one of those overpriced Air Nautiques.;)

09-14-2003, 08:12 AM
Thanks for the replies,
I wanted something that looked like it was made for the boat and tower so I did put some time into design and material that gave me the look and function I wanted. The Towerjack II is what I came up with, granted there are cheaper solutions I doubt they look or work as well as the Towerjack II.

paul berniard
09-14-2003, 05:28 PM
try just using a 2x4 with a notch cut in it. You can cut it as long as you want. Strap it with a bungie to the trailer and it wont go anywhere. I moved my boat in and out of the garage with it and sometimes pulled it around the block with no worries. Had the tower as high as the garage would take it so you could walk under it without hitting your head. Cost me a bungie cord. Found a scrap peice of 2x4 to use. Wasn't the most attractive think but it was cheap and it worked. For about 25 - 30 bucks could make the same thing out of light weight pipe.