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05-20-2008, 12:45 AM
I picked up my new Outback V last weekend. During the water test we figured out that the heater core was shot as my brand new boat's bow filled up with dirty runoff lake water. Then the bilge wasn't working properly so that was the end of the water test. I spent 3 hours in the shop while those items were fixed. The light on the tower was also busted. The trailer was supposed to be 'charcoal' but showed up black. The bimini was supposed to be forward bimini but a regular one was installed. Then after taking it out to BC, I realized none of the trailer lights even work (the brake and signal lights work). So, I love the boat but am not really impressed with how it came to me. Here are my questions:

1. Aren't these boats tested/inspected before the customer shows up to take it home?
2. I was told by the office manager that there is no 'forward tower bimini' for Outbacks, but in the brochure it says there is and my salesman even put it on the purchase order. Is a forward tower bimini available for an Outback V?
3. If my trailer was ordered charcoal colour to match the boat, why did a black one show up? The office manager said charcoal is the same as black, which is not true. You can order your boat in black OR charcoal, same as the trailers I suspect.
4. Is there a way to test the trailer driving lights to see what the problem is? (It's not the truck as I've hooked it up to other boats and they all work fine)

I'm getting quite frustrated with all this. I've read tons of posts about the excellent service from Skier's Choice but I think my dealership dropped the ball on this one and no one is willing to rectify it. My bimini should be a 'forward tower bimini' as that's what I ordered. My trailer should be charcoal as that's what I ordered. If I have to trailer the boat 3 hours there and back to get the trailer lights fixed that'll cost me $150 in gas alone. If anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know. Getting a new boat should be exciting, this has been mostly disappointment so far.

05-20-2008, 08:13 AM
Sorry about the problems. There are a few member in hee that have a direct contact with SC. I can not remember his name or email address. I think that Jesse C or Ed G has his email address. I had a problem with the service I was getting and he fixed the problem for me. I know that SC test the boat at the shop. Pls your dealership should have test the boat and trailer at the dealership. Even though SC is responsible, the dealership should have noticed the mistakes they made and should have taken the first step to getting it fixed.

05-20-2008, 09:47 AM
Thanks ED, I knew you would come through. You should have your own thread on here. It should be called "Ed's House" HAHA LOL Thanks again.

05-20-2008, 11:47 AM
I second the Ed Thread. Whenever I need to know something I just post and wait for Ed to respond (usually a matter of minutes).

05-20-2008, 11:58 AM
Shoot, I thought you were retired.

Jon J
05-20-2008, 12:46 PM
Sorry to hear about your problems Wakevet. If it helps at all I had some similar problems when I took delivery of my boat. All the kinks were eventually worked out and all is great now.

I assume if you bought in Calgary that you dealt with Mobius Marine. If you did and want some straight answers and no BS about your problems you should try and talk to Jeff in Chestemere. He is the service manager and will do everything to make it right for you. Mobius sells a pile of boats and I think they grew a little too fast. That said, everybody I've dealt with there has been realy good and actually care. Jeff will just go that extra mile to make sure you are happy!

I had a few problems with my trailer lights to start but it turned out to be the adapter (flat plug to round plug adaptor).

05-20-2008, 08:34 PM
maybe I can help

Ultimately it is the responsibility of your dealer to water test your boat before it is delivered. They are to also five you an on water orientation as well. There is no forward Bimini on the outback or outback v. All biminis in 2008
are black-no other options. The factory or dealer might have possibly put the wrong trailer under your boat. Black and charcoal are definitely not the same. Your dealer should be able to correct this issue. For your trailer lights, swing away your tongue and make sure the plug there is tight. Most connections for the lights are located there

05-20-2008, 08:48 PM
Thanks ED, I knew you would come through. You should have your own thread on here. It should be called "Ed's House" HAHA LOL Thanks again.

Ed Does have his on thread, the wakesurfing section. He built it and is the ruler of that domain.


Give the dealer a chance to make it right, they are ultimately responsible for your experience. Get your fact together and make a single punch list. Get a copy of the order sheet, call SC and get the details on what can be ordered and what can't. Then try to get the dealer to resolve your issues.

If you just can't get the dealer to make it right, then go back to SC. I had a bad dealer experience, I tried to work it out but we just could not. I got Anthony Cooper at SC involved and we are all good now, SC wants to make sure you are happy, and if the dealer did something wrong, or did not provide you with accurate info they need to know it.

05-21-2008, 01:55 PM
Now I am a little worried, I am supposed to be getting my new XLV from Mobius Marine and have been waiting around for a week with no answer (I was originally told it would be ready way before the long weekend, and was then told that perhaps right beofre the long weekend.

I have a feeling they are just too busy. Great for them short term, bad for them long term if customers aren't happy. It's great to sell a ton of boats but if you are selling to many $40-$50k boats to keep up there is a simple solution... HIRE MORE PEOPLE to deal with the customers.

wakevet, keep us posted, i hope things work out for you.

05-21-2008, 08:52 PM
I talked to Jeff today and he was very helpful. I checked all the trailer connections and they seem fine. He said to check the fuses in the truck and I did find one that was burnt out. He wasn't sure why it would have shorted but I replaced it so we'll see what happens (the boat is in BC so I can't test it just yet). No word yet on the trailer colour, not a huge deal but considering there were so many other issues I want them all taken care of. The bimini is an odd one since the 08 brochure shows that any boat can get a forward tower bimini and my purchase order says the same thing. I'm not sure how that one will end up but so far everyone has been good to deal with. I agree that they sell tons of boats, they were actually #3 in the WORLD for moomba/supra sales in 07, pretty impressive. Like everything else in Calgary, getting staff is next to impossible. I love the boat though, sure a nice piece of marine equipment!!

05-21-2008, 09:48 PM
I feel sorry to hear your experience so far has not been perfect.I bought my boat last year andhave nothing but praise for Mobius.I agree Jeff is absolutely the one to get things done and have a lot of respect for him.You could talk to Glen also ,he is very easy going and he likes to know whats going on.Granted they are very busy and there new shop will make them state of the art for service, that unfortunetly doesn't really help right now. Hope you get things sorted out and can enjoy your boat.

05-25-2008, 08:43 PM

lets say the trailer is going to be replaced with the correct color (again I agree with every one else, black and charcol are not the same, have that office managers head examined), then your trailer light issue should dissapear. And if this is half the dealer every one says they are, then they will give you the correct trialer for your next trip to BC so you can swap it out with no extra fuel cost to yourself.

As for the other issues, while it isn't ussual for SC to let a boat out of the factory like that, it happens (there was a thread this winter showing some bent tracking fins from the factory), but your it sounds more like you are a victim of a very busy dealer letting there standards maybe drop a little to keep all there new customers happy. You know the old through some pasta on the wall story and lets see what sticks.

No worries, it will be all good. Besides it seems your still one happy Moomba owner, congrats.