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05-19-2008, 09:51 PM
Hey guys,

On Saturday was the local Midwest Militia May Demo Days held in Ottawa, IL.....

Lots of nice boats to demo:

2008 MasterCraft X-Star with Skull wrap
2008 MasterCraft X35
2008 MB Sports Tomcat
2008 Air Nautique Team 220
2008 Supra 22 SSV

Well to start things off 3 of my friends were supposed to go with me.
The Girlfriend couldn't go because she had a bachelorette party to attend.
I call my first friend around 11am and he says "Sorry I'm not going now because I was out til 5am drinking and I'm really hungover", so I'm like OK on to the next person....
I call him up and he says well I have things to do now and I'll be over later.. OK so I call the third person and he says I can't make it til later now because I have things to do.

At this point I'm getting pretty angry so I say screw it and load the boat up and head over myself and get there about 1:30PM.

I finally get there and the crowd is decent, but it was quite windy around 20-30 MPH and the water was really choppy. Air temp was around 74 and water temp was 64.

Soo to speed things up I met Ian from Onlyinboards.com and he had his 08 MB Tomcat there and another guy named Brett and his 3 kids wanted to demo it so I went along and drove the boat for one of Brett's son who was wakesurfing.
Had to say this thing threw a huge wake.
So then Brett wanted to wakeboard and Ian drove for him and he tried pulling a backroll or a tantrum and didn't even come close to completing it and he took a nasty fall so we turn around to go pick him up and when we get to him; his face was covered in blood..... Ian freaks out and jams the boat in reverse so we could pick him up and backs over the rope and wraps it in the prop.
We get Brett out of the water and his forehead has a huge gash in it and is gushing blood all over. We gave him a towel to keep pressure on it and flag down the nearest boat to get a tow in. We were probably 3/4 mile from the dock.
We finally get him in and his son drove him to the Hospital. We weren't sure how bad his injuries were at this point.....
So after that is all over Ian gets the boat out of the water and gets the rope unwound and calls it a day after all that.

At this point I'm getting somewhat bored and want to get my boat in the water and go for a ride.
I have one of the guys at the event back me in (The boat ramp at this place was all like gravel and sakrete mixed and pretty rough)
It now starts getting cloudy and looks like rain, but there was only like a 30% chance
I get the boat out and go for a twenty minute ride and it starts raining then so I'm like OK back to the ramp.
I dock the boat and back the trailer in myself and go to put the boat on.
I get close to the trailer and I hear this huge "CLUNK" and I'm like great, now what?
Get the boat on the trailer and get it out and the prop is all dinged up. I hit a damn rock somewhere in the water.

Soooooo to sum all that up I call it a day and start crackin open beers and enjoyed the rest of the night.

As far as my friends go..... Only one showed up and that was around 8:30PM
As far as Brett goes I found out today from Ian that he needed 11 stitches and he was all good.

Thanks for reading my long fun story :)


05-19-2008, 11:20 PM
Sorry to hear about your friend. Glad to hear that he is OK. That gets me thinking. My son, who is a dare devil, is starting to try these tricks on his board. I think that I might need to get him a helmet. Last year my son hit his head pretty good and knocked the cob webs out of his head. Hope his recovery goes well so he can get back on the water again.

05-20-2008, 12:03 AM
Yup them wakeboard's can be pretty mean to your head. Been there don't want to do that again. That sucks about your friends not coming, I know how you feel. You go out of your way to plan a special day and they poop out on ya. Happens to me too. Sometimes people take things for granite and don't appreciate things in life. But hey, at least you got to throw back some cold ones.