View Full Version : Starter Motor Problems / Perfect Pass

05-17-2008, 04:00 PM
Just installed Wakeboard Pro, no problem, although the idle climbs whilst at rest very slowly, probably need to adjust the linkage....?

All done, ready for a day on the river tomorrow, turned her over........NO GO!!!

I get the big "clunk" like the pinion on the starter is trying to engage...but no turnover.

Went to have a look at the starter motor......oh ho!

Where the main live feed cable connects direct from the battery (red) onto the starter (relay) above the main motor, the threaded stud has cracked away from the main housing!!!!! Its kinda plastic material, so i have glued it back into position in the hope it works short term.

My guess is i can replace the starter relay, without having to replace the entire starter motor?

I have a 5.7l indmar assault on a Mobius V 2000.

Are these available anymore?

Or is there a new alternative starter motor out there?