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05-12-2008, 10:30 PM
So yesterday Im pulling my baby out of the garage and I hear Smash Crumble crunch...........I left the engine cover open on my outback V and it smashed into my garage door. Luckily no damage to the fabric.......I managed to rip the piston out of the bracket as well as pulled the bracket out of the ski pylon frame while twisting it. 2 Vice grips to bend it back and 2 new stainless screws and I'm back in shape.

As for the garage door.......yea its bent up.

05-12-2008, 10:36 PM
OUCH!!!!!! Not to change things. My father in law had his $5,000 mountain bike on the top of his Jeef and tried to get into the garage. Destroyed the bike and screwed up the garage. Sorry to hear that. Glad the bout is fixed.

05-13-2008, 02:12 AM
Was working on my stereo tonight. The screw for the power terminal on one of the amps (it holds the power cable in the amp) apparently went in crooked. It was majorly stuck. I broke a T-handle allen wrench right in the middle. I had to drill the screw out. The terminal is now trashed. Hopefully Kicker will sell me a new terminal to solder on.

An hour blown and a brand new $250 amp disabled when I want to go out tomorrow. ugh. This meant I didn't get the sub box finished.

I also installed my distribution block, only to realize there are no fuses in the package. Hopefully I can find some mini-anl fuses in the morning.

What a wasted night.

05-13-2008, 07:24 AM
did the exact same thing about 3yrs ago, bent the garage door, bent the engine cover, pulled the bracket loose also, but like you was lucky and was able to tighten bracket back down and rebend the engine cover back into shape. 3yrs later-garage still bent---not a bad thing cause now i look to make sure the covers are back down from drying out before pulling the boat out.


05-13-2008, 10:58 AM
The first time I ever backed the boat into the garage, I had three buddies standing around the boat. One on each side to watch the clearance and one to make sure I did not drive the truck off of the driveway. My driveway is vertical with a 90 degree turn at the top. So the truck is in four wheel low and I am angling the boat to align it to the garage door when all of the sudden there is a hard "THUMP" and the boat trailer and truck just come to a complete instant hault! I have hit something!!!! So I get out of the truck to inspect the damage and find one buddy on the right side watching the clearances like a hawk, another buddy watching the dropoff for the truck again like a hawk, then I spot the third buddy petting the dogs 20 feet away through the fence.....I walked over to him and asked, what are you doing? Her replied "petting the dogs". In reply I said we just hit the house with the boat on your side! (Which cracked the brickwork and left a nice scuff on the boat, fortunately the boat hit the wood trim and no damage was on the boat, but now three years later the brickwork ist still cracked.) In his defense he said "Well I only stepped away for a minute!" In my mind I am like WTF, I should kill you, bury you and spit on your grave! I asked what did you do before you came over here, did you drink beer or something or did you just get bored watching the boat go backwards????.....well come to find out Mary Jane had ridden with him on the way to the house....oh well, I still love the guy like a brother and I have learned to leave the dogs in the house and keep the third buddy where I can see him!!!!

05-13-2008, 12:02 PM
I did something similar. The inside of the ski locker had gotton wet and so I left it open to dry out. I was pulling the boat out of the garage by hand so it could sit in the sun and dry faster when all of a sudden it stoped. I was watching the clearance on the garage door but forgot about the door frame attached to the celing. Needless to say the end of the railing went through the fabric on the ski locker and had me hung up. I thought I was gonna cry. Didn't though, just said a few choice words. Now I've got to order a new skin because none of the oppolstry people will touch it. All I ever hear is "I don't work on boats". Thank goodness for the "stimulas package" now I can stimulate Skiers Choice by purchasing a new skin.

05-13-2008, 12:32 PM
Thanks Everyone. I feel better that im not the only Bonehead

Oh and thank goodness for white boats You cant see any scratches on them when you wife trys docking!!!!!!!!!!LOL