View Full Version : First Weekend Out

05-12-2008, 09:20 AM
Spent the weekend on a friends new houseboat, had a ton of fun.

Hopefully some of you share this same frustration, I took all the pictures. Not a single picture of me in the lot, seems when I was skiing they were so awe struck the forgot to pickup the camera. (NOT!)

He has Malibu 23LSV, a little better for wakeboarding than my Outback DD, so all the pics are from his boat. I did barefoot behind his boat, but again no pictures!

05-18-2008, 11:33 AM
Finally got to start uploading pictures

05-18-2008, 11:42 AM
a few more of the boarders

05-18-2008, 12:05 PM
Here are a few of the friends new houseboat, friends and kids.

I am glad everyone does not love the water as much as we do, but I don't understand it. If I could afford it, I'd never leave!

05-20-2008, 10:51 PM
Great houseboat!!

Nothing I like better than seeing a bunch of kids having fun in lifejackets.