View Full Version : 2008 Assault 340 Exhaust System Issues

Engine Nut
05-10-2008, 01:02 PM
Here is some important information for owners of 2008 model Supra and Moomba Assault 340 ETX CAT engines. Indmar issued a service bulletin to the Skier's Choice dealers asking them to inspect the exhaust elbows on a group of 2008 model Assault 340 engines starting with engine serial number 144138 and ending with serial number 146811. Some of the engines in this group may have been built with exhaust elbows that have restricted water passages that will not allow sufficient water flow to cool the exhaust hoses adequately. This is issue didn't show up at our end of line test at Indmar or at Skier's Choice lake test because the engines are not run long enough or under the right conditions to have the problem occur.

Inspection is simple. We have provided a measuring tool to the dealers to allow them to remove the exhaust hose and measure the gap between the inner and outer wall of the exhaust elbow. If the gap is too small, they are to replace the elbow. The whole process is pretty simple. If you have an engine in this group and already have some hours on it without experiencing a problem, your exhaust elbows are probably just fine. Most of the failures we have seen have occurred in the first 10 hours of operation.

Indmar is very sorry about this situation. We are dedicated to provide our our customers with the best products possible. Unfortunately when you are on the leading edge of technology, unexpected problems occur.