View Full Version : Replacing the dripless shaft seal

05-08-2008, 05:24 AM
I was about to replace the dripless shaft seal, as soon as SC send it, and thought about doing it the easy way that one poster here did:

" I just got finished installing the PSS dripless shaft seal on my 06' Outback. It was quite the job but now that it is complete I am satisfied. Once you unbolt the shaft flange from the transmission you will have to take off the nut holding the flange to the drive shaft. To do this you will need to find a block of wood to rest the prop on to keep the shaft from turning, it will take a 1 1'16 socket to unscrew the nut from the driveshaft. Dont worry, no damage will be done to the prop. Once you get the nut off you will put a spacer, I used a socket betweet the end of the drive shaft and the transmission, get some 4" bolts and nuts to fit, bolt the flange back to the transmission with the spacer in between and slowly tighten the nuts, this will pull the flange off the shaft.
P.S.- this job is much easier with 2 people, 1 in boat and 1 to hold the prop and slide the drive shaft up or down."

But, looking for more info, I found a Brian Raymonds post saying:

" When you receive the shaft, it already has the coupler machine pressed on, and the face of the coupler is balanced in this fashion. I do not recommend splitting the coupler from the shaft, for what may seem like an easier install. The chances of getting the coupler off and re-installed exactly the same are slim. This may cause you to not properly align the motor and have never ending vibration probs. There is also a possibility of shearing the keyway(most commonly found in Vdrives). To save trouble down the road, I would pull the motor and remove and replace the shaft from inside out. It should take 20 mins. to have that motor airborn(if decently equipped). If this option is not feasable, check with your local dealer to see the job through. If you are a D.I.Yer, great, techservice@skierschoice.com has a faxable instruction sheet for motor alignments. Hope all goes well, keep us posted. Brian Raymond."

Just would like to know about you experience,since it is difficult to get the engine airborne for me.

Any advice would be welcome.