View Full Version : Swim Platform brackets cracking gel coat on transom

09-08-2003, 12:11 PM
I have previously viewed other posts regarding this problem. I am now having the same problem. Gel coat cracks starting from the swim platform brackets. It seems that the mounting points are not very strong. Is this a manufacturing problem that should be considered a reacall issue? I love the boat, but am very concerned with this issue. Will I have this problem when I decide to purchase another Moomba? What can we do to fix the problem on my 2000 Mob V.

Thanks for your help.

09-08-2003, 12:59 PM
You need to address it immediatly, call Skiers Choice for warrenty. The glass shop glassed in two 1 foot by 1foot pieces of (I think) 1/4" aluminum. My transom is soils now.