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Matt Glenn
05-03-2008, 08:58 PM
I have found a good deal/ what I think is a good deal on a stock 2005 bimini top new ($200). I have a 2006 outback with the rad-a-cage tower. I have a few questions. Is the stock bimini made by great lakes a good top or should I get another one? Will this fit with my tower? The dealer that has it says the hinge point is based on the 1st cross bar of the tower and then there is a gude strap that attachs to the fiberglass of the boat behind it. Is this how the stock ones come on your boats? How does it attach to the tower? Is it hard to drill into fiberglass for eyelets? Should I have perf. instaled if I buy it? I think this a great deal and maybe to good to pass up. Before this I was looking at boss wakes design that attachs all to the tower with clamps and also inboardsonly bimini tops. What do you guys think of these.

Any help would be great


05-03-2008, 10:00 PM
Matt - With respect to the stock bimini top, the dealer is right. The hinge point is on the first cross bar of the tower and straps hook to eyes that are screwed to the fiberglass. I have an '07 Outback with rad-a-cage tower and factory bimini.

Can't answer your question about drilling into glass, as I've never done this. - Deerfield

05-03-2008, 10:17 PM
Is it hard to drill into fiberglass for eyelets?
Hi Matt,

I have drilled my share of holes into my boat so I'll pass on what I've learned. Start with a sharp drill bit (new preferred). Use masking tape to mask off the area you plan to drill into. This gives you nice writing surface to mark your holes on. The trick is to drill in reverse, all the way through. If you drill in the forward direction, you will chip the gel coat. Even drilling in reverse, you will be surprised how quickly you get through as long as you are using a sharp bit.

Hope that helps.


Matt Glenn
05-04-2008, 09:28 AM
Would you guys say this is a no brainer for $200. Is this a good deal for the cover. Have you been happy with it?

05-04-2008, 09:55 AM
Matt, Cab is right, you always drill in reverse using a new sharp bit. As far as price i can't say for a factory top. I can say i had one made for my Tigé three years ago and it cost me $700 so from that perspective i think it's a good deal.

05-04-2008, 10:46 AM
Its a good deal, top from a dealer is 550. My suggestion is to find the aluminium clamps for the tower and use them over the plastic pop rivot cheap looking ones. diy.com has some if your dealer has amnesia. Then mount the ss loops, which the four guides hook on to, and mount them on your tower not the fiberglass. I did this and it looks clean and avoids you from drilling into the fiberglass plus the metal is a better local.

One note I think is worth a mention is if your guide straps are vibrating/buzzing while you are underway you can unhook the strap and give it a twist once or twice and reattach, they will stop and remain quiet.


Matt Glenn
05-04-2008, 12:56 PM
Won't the clamp placement be different on your tower compared to mine it looks like yours is the larger tower were mine is the rad-a-cage. I'm just thinking about the pull/angle on the straps. If you think this will work on my outback tower that would be great.

THanks for your help