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05-01-2008, 11:55 AM
I feel like i have tried everything, and iam about to rip it all out and start over unless someone can help me out here. The problems i am having are when i move the wakeplate up or down the speakers pop. I can not get sound to come out while the boat is running. Everything is powered on but no sound unless you turn everything to max valoume and you can hear it slightly. Then today sometimes there will be no sound if the boat is not running. When that did happen today i took my volt meter and touched the remote screw on the amp and it popped and sound started working. Most of the time i turn the rocker switch on with boat not running it works. I really dont know what else to do i pretty upset after all the long nights of hard work ripping it all apart to find out this problem.

05 moomba mobius lsv
1 Battery Set up

HU- Kenwood from 07 LSV
EQ- Clarion 7 band
Amp- Kicker zx300.4
Speakers-6 Polk audio db651

4 gauge power wire coming from battery to a two port dist block down to 8 gauge wire.

4 Gauge Ground wire from battery to a two port dist block down to 8 guage wire.

Tower speaker amp is not installed all wires laying off to side none touching each other.

8 Guage power and ground for kicker zx300.4 that is mounted under drivers side. Has very long ground and power wires. I ran out of wire and bought some connectors from lowes and had to add more wire to reach the amp.

Hu constant and ground ran to the dist block. EQ constant and ground ran straight to the dist block.

Remote wires all 3 16 gauge wire ran to the head units blue/white wire. Eq and kicker zx300.4 remote wires also very long.

Power,Ground,and remote all ran next to each other by ski locker.Rcas- HU to Eq and EQ to Tower speaker amp ran around from of bow right ontop of each other.

Last night i cut the wires to anything else that i installed into the boat wiring depth finder,Leds,and ipod charger.

Also the 8 gauge power and ground wire running to the kicker are ran right on top of the boats 0 gauge power and ground if that matters.Just went out there 2 min ago, turned rocker switch on everything powered up, no sound. 20 seconds later a pop and then sound plays and stays playing

UPDATE: I unhooked the amp and moved it to where my tower speaker amp will go, power and ground wires very short. Same problem 10-20 to come on when i turn rocker switch on. It pops and then plays, wakeplate still makes noise. I cant start boat to find anything out since i dont have fake-a-lake.

Since i have 22 ft of rcas from HU to EQ. Is it just taking a while to power everything on and get sound to the speakers?

Also head unit is brand new never used before. I did notice if the head unit is not grounded the amp stays on. Is that normal?

UPDATE: I had 2 female ends laying around. So i have 22 ft rca from HU to female conectors plugged into rca's the go 22 ft more back around boat to amp. Bypassed Eq, Sound still takes 10-20 sec to come on, but no loud pop and wakeplate makes no noise when moving up and down. So what now??


05-01-2008, 12:05 PM
I'm suspecting the remote lead from the HU. Connect the remote for the amp directly to a power source and see if that eliminates the problem. If it does, you may have to replace the HU or power on the amp in another manner. Or, use your volt meter to test whether or not you're getting at least 12volts from the blue/white wire.
The issue with noise when moving the wakeplate makes me think poor power supply, be it hot (+) or ground (-). Be extra certain that you are properly grounding and the amp isn't trying to ground through the remote wire.

05-01-2008, 01:14 PM
I am only getting 11 volts at the remote wire. 12 volts at Power wire for amp.

05-01-2008, 02:21 PM
Run a wire from the toggle switch on the dash and use that as the remote wire? Just for testing...

05-01-2008, 03:06 PM
Sent you a PM.

05-01-2008, 10:41 PM
Just got off lake, the problem is my brand new clarion EQ is junk. Bypassed Eq and perfect.