View Full Version : Clarion Amps--What would you suggest

04-28-2008, 01:40 PM
I found a site with the APX 480M and 280 M at blowout prices.... First are they good? Next Im trying to make a decent setup on a budget. I have 6 interior speakers in the boat, I have two JL 7.7 for the tower and will be putting in a small sub.

Do you think its better to get two 4 channel amps? One for the boat speakers and the other for the tower and sub(Sub bridged on 3 and 4) or get one 4 channel for the boat and two 2 channel--one for the tower and one for the sub. Would a duel battery setup and stock alternator be enough for 3 amps?


04-28-2008, 02:41 PM
I am using a APX480M for the six hull speakers and a APX280M for the tower speakers. I do not have a sub, but if I did want one, I would run two of the APX480M amps. The 480M is basically two 280Ms in the same housing. Seperate controls for both "halfs" for the amp. The are by no means on par with PPI, Rockford or Kicker but they do the job in a boat where the "cabin" noise is extreme. I can hear every word of the music at 80' through my Audioforms and APX280M. The hull speakers sound really clean and I am pleased. I am not going to win awards for the cleanest signal at an audio competition, but I can do faceplants will singing along with my favorite song!

If it were to be installed in my car, I would not use these amps, but in the boat I am extremely pleased with them.