View Full Version : 2004 Black lsv outback for sale

04-21-2008, 06:04 PM
Tower,Ballast-has hairline crack in the block that was patched 2 years ago and has not been a problem. I can give you the name of the marina that fixed it. Moomba also recalled the hull in 2005. They came to my house , picked up the boat and replaced it in Tenessee. So technically its a 2005 Hull. Id like to get a mobius for more room-I have 3 kids and its a little tight. Great boat-I have about 500 lbs of added lead weight I can give you. I just put it back in our lake and just waiting for the water to warm up so we can go out and rip again. If you have an offer please reply or give me a call at home. 845-621-0324 .