View Full Version : RPM ? for XLV

04-20-2008, 09:49 AM
The other topic about RPM got me thinking about my XLV. At 22 mph the RPM is 2900. Is that about right for the XLV?

04-20-2008, 10:48 AM
Your RPM is relative to the size prop you are running. For example I did prop testing for ACME Props two years ago with my XLV. I wanted a different prop and when I call they had no real hard data on the XLV. I had bought a prop from somewhere else, same brand, but not knowing what I was doing and unfortunatly I got roughly the same size and pitch as my oem prop. I called and explained what I had recieved and that I wanted performance plus. So testing insued, they sent me three different props to try and I recorded what they wanted to know. When we tested the higher the pitch the better the holeshot but the higher the rpm. I got to buy the props of my choice at cost and decided on tow of the three.
Now I run a 14.0 x 14.5 at 3950 rpm ACME model 1235 and its bad bad bad to the bone. I can pull anyone or anything with 10 people and 2600 lbs and the boat is like a dragster out of the hole. But top speed is 33 mph

Now with the prop change I see a higher fuel burn, PLUS performance, I have to check the v-drive oil more frequently, but I love it.

This summer I plan to switch to the 537 prop. It turns about 600 rpm less and gives as close to same perfomance with less fuel burn. I can't remember the pitch but its balance of performance and top end speed.

I just LOVE the thrust of the 1235 though.........yeah rpms!!!!!!