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04-07-2008, 04:05 PM
Hello all

Think I can ,at last..., legalize my trailer to european norms. I ordered a tail light converter for that ( US wiring share turn and brake signal).
Well, do anyone know what type or commercial name are the little trailer lights around the Boatmate single axe trailer, three of them went down first day I used the trailer, so I need some to keep as spare also, you canīt just change the bulbs in them.
Looking forward to get the boat back on the water, long and busy winter with the boat..few upgrades completed succesfully by myself..I hope...
- Four lays of antifouling Micron Extra..they say this one works for two seasons and keeps it properties 12 months out of the water.
- Added a Garmin chartplotter and sounder with transom transducer and amazing Bluechart G2 Vision charts that I hope makes the thing safer at the sea.
- Added a double battery system that it had to have been installed in factory but ..they didnīt...so I paid twice for it :roll:
- Made the tower wiring for lights and speakers.
- Changed oils and impeller.
- Cleaned the carpet..it looks new!! :lol:
- Added two lays of polyester under back storage doors hinges to make the them stronger...they had cracks in the gelcoat all around :cry:
- Cleaned and waxed the deck and hull with 3MHigh Performance Marine Wax.(with that name it has to be good :P )
- Changed the zinc anodes from heat exchanger,rudder and shaft.
- Eliminated corrosion spots and greased all the hardware with a good marine grease..even the engine mounts.
- Also installed a little buzzer siren to the GPS unit..so I can sleep my siesta without having to look at the screen all the time for the lead alarm.
- Changed water strainers rubber O-rings.

And some other normal winterize work...just thank God it is a little boat..if it was bigger I would get mad :D
Really love messing with my toys...hehe

Hope you lot spend a good season with enough water in your lakes.

04-11-2008, 07:14 PM
Holy crap! Salt water sucks 8)

Too bad you can't go to a nice fresh water lake and save all that money for a bigger stereo or new board :P

04-14-2008, 09:23 AM
:( True

But I can go fish mackarels and tunas instead :)