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04-05-2008, 08:10 AM
Did anyone see Oprah's Puppy mill show?

Help Change lives of your bestfreinds and future companions by getting your pets from Humane societies , rescue organizations and trusted local breeders.

I know how compassionate our moomba owners our with all the pics of their best buddies in the boats, on the dock, on floats and even on skiis.

i will try and post a link to the video once i get it off my DVR. (disturbing and heart breaking)

Here is the link to the rescue that got Oprah's attention.


Here is the link to the recsue my wife and I help out with


Spread the word boycott the puppy mills and pet stores that buy from them and rescue a friend from your local shelter or rescue group.

Jake, Our foster failure that's now part of our home :D


04-05-2008, 11:38 AM
my wife had tivoed that and was watching it and sobbing in the bed when I can upstairs. my brown husky mix was a rescue and she had been beaten and abused. I think she would do anything in the world for us without any thought of herself. she still crouches and ducks when you pet her and we got her when she was about 5 months old shes almost 4 years. you have to give a chance and love an help them . we are truly dog
people in our house.


04-05-2008, 02:27 PM
both our current dogs were found abandond, flie infested with worms, one looked to have been hit by a car, the other's mom was hit by a car-he was just a pup but was ok. they have been wonderful-they just love life

i will never buy at a puppy mill store