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03-30-2008, 10:13 PM
I just bought a boat that has a serious sound system in it. It has three amps and a second battery with dual switches, but I'm confused as to why the switches are wired the way they are. It looks like it was done professionally, so before I go tweaking it, I'l like to get some feedback to see if there is a legitimate reason for setting it up this way.

One switch has four settings "1 / All / 2 / Off"
The other switch just has two settings "On / Off"

In order for the audio system to work, the switches need to be set as follows:
Switch 1: All or 2
Switch 2: On

In order to start the boat, Swtich 1 has to be set to 1 or All (independent of the second switch.

It seems to me that the first (4 way) switch should be strictly for switching between the batteries and the second switch (2 way) should be for enabling the audio system.

Is any one familiar with a setup like this? I can send an image of a simple schematic that I drew up.


03-30-2008, 11:48 PM
One switch has four settings "1 / All / 2 / Off"

Setting 1 powers all but the stereo. Setting 2 powers the stereo and isolates battery 1 used for starting. "All" connects both batteries and all devices. This position is used for charging when the engine is running. Position 1 or position 2 will isolate the batteries from each other. "Off" will isolate both batteries so there is no current drain. Your memory devices like the tuner may be affected unless bypassed. I'd be concerned on what the "off" position may do when the engine is running as someone could move the switch to that position.

The other switch just has two settings "On / Off"

Appears to be an on/off switch just for the stereo in lieu of using the power switch on the stereo.