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03-24-2008, 11:52 PM
So i took the new ride out for the 2nd time today. For those that dont know this is my first inboard as I have allways had I/O's. So I went out with my friend who has had his indoard MC X1 for 3 years now so he can teach me the ropes. Here are great tips I learned

1) When docking with the driver side to the dock, approach the dock at a 35-45 degree angle with short slow bursts of power. When about 4 feet from the dock turn hard left give it a quick forward burst then throw it un reverse slowly and the stern will come right into the dock.

2) Putting the boat on the trailer in a river current. Ok this was fun cause I allways board in the river in my buuddys boat but I never took my boats there. He let me try twice (unsucessful) before he gave me the pointer. I tried going straight for a feild goal the first time but the current made me miss. Next I went on an angle down stream (miss again). The trick is to come up to the trailer at a 45 degree angle UP-STREAM and cut (Right or Left depending which way you are going)just before the post. FEILD GOAL!!!!!!!!!!

3) allways turn left---You can do in-place spinns by going forward left then in reverse

4)Turn Left

5) Turn Left

6)Oh if your in a Correct Craft turn Right :D

03-25-2008, 12:17 AM
I agree with #1. I was tought to do the same. Also when picking up a skiier/wakeboarder, I always come around driver side. Hard right just past the skiier/wakeboarder and put in a quick reverse. The tail end always swings around. I am use to a outboard engine. These little tips reallly help me.