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02-27-2008, 10:23 AM
Any one know if the OBV that comes with the ballast I comes plumbed for the additional sacks in the back storage lockers. I assume it would be necessary for Wakesurfing, but how about beginer to intermediate wake boarder. I do have the wake plate if that helps? I did see a thread in the past of adding ballast, looked pretty complex....

02-27-2008, 12:27 PM
I believe in order for the Outback V to have the plumbing you have to get the Gravity III option. The stock ballast is good for beginer and intermediate wakeboarding, which is 2 250's in the back and a 400 in the center. I never tried wakesurfing off our 04 lsv (06+ outbackV), but after a few years it was nessicary to order larger sacks for the back of 2 560's and a 470 in the ski locker and the 400 above it.

You can get custom sacks with the correct fittings from barefoot international.

02-27-2008, 12:47 PM
if you have the gravity 1 you will just need to pick up the balance of the parts needed for the gravity 3 system. only will have to drill 2 holes for the outlet hoses, but you will still use the same fill pump. look above the vdrive unit for the intake manifold to split off to the 3 bags.

or go cheep like me and buy 2 rear bags and pump from overtons.

dtlaine just had this done on his outback v-you may want to ask him the details


02-27-2008, 02:16 PM
I have an 06 outback V and am looking to do the same thing. So does the bow sack fill off the intake of the boat? Then empty from the pump mounted in the floor next to the sack?

02-27-2008, 02:52 PM
fill pump should be on the drivers side of the boat next to the v drive, you should have a valve on the thru hull fitting also. empty pump is next to ballast bag.
hope this helps


02-27-2008, 03:47 PM
JV -

The Outback V will not be plumbed for Gravity III with the Gravity I option.

My opinion is that the Gravity I in my 06 Outback V is plenty capable for beginners to intermediates. Heck, I didn't even fill up the ski locker for most of the 1st summer. Just throw 5-6 people in the boat and have at it. The wake plate helps alot for adjusting between those 1st timers and those who are starting to work on jumps and 180s.

Sometime during my 2nd summer (last year), I invested in some FlyHigh V Drive sacs and even still, I rarely fill them.

We have also wakesurfed behind her with only the Gravity I filled and slam everyone over to one side of the boat. However, noone has master the art of dropping the rope yet. IMO, its more a problem with technique than the wake itself :)


02-27-2008, 03:53 PM
Thanks for the input. Since I am more of a skier and novice at the other two. I think I will let things work out this summer. Plus I got plenty of big buddies and a big beer cooler to weight down the back,. :D


02-27-2008, 03:59 PM
I've seen a backroll and a 360 easily done behind my boat. I've witnessed an 'almost' tantrum. I've also seen a few backrolls on a kneeboard ... all with only Gravity I.

I think you will be plenty challenged for Summer '08.