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01-19-2008, 12:28 PM
I am looking for sources for waterski gloves. We have a couple of local shops but their stock is questionable most of the time.

Also wondering how you all figure glove size when ordering on line.

And if anyone has ever used glove liners of the palm protectors, and if so, does it change the size you order?

And - can online compete with local when you add in shipping?


01-20-2008, 09:54 PM
I tried to leave a message for you yesterday but as soon as I went to hit submitt I lost my connection, so here I go again.

Last year working in Florida I picked up a couple pairs of gloves. One pair of Striaght Line greptile gloves to go with my greptile handle. These were about 90 bucks and not worth the money, neither was the handle for 120. The second pair was again by Staight Line but these ones have silicone pads on the fingers, these ones I love. I find the Straight Line gloves fit small.

Both Batrts and Overtons have glove sizing charts in there catalogues. Both places will have some one to answer your other questions as well.

I have the same problem with buying ski equipment here in WI. Most places just carry Joe Skier generic stuff and not much of it at that, with wakeboarding being such a large part of the makret now.

So try Barts, or Overtons, or Wileys. I've bought from all three and have been happy with the products and the shipping fees.

02-01-2008, 04:28 PM
Some Walmarts (in the southeast at least) have a selection of cheap neoprene gloves for about $12 during the warmer months. These are okay and will last a few days on the course and during tons of free skiing. They don't have much grip though.

If it's not "season" time or your walmart has a limited selection you could also consider some Gold's gym lifting gloves - these actually have better wrist straps and callous protection. These are great when your other gloves tear up and you need a quick solution. I use these for jumping because I am still scared of using my clinchers.

I switched to clinchers this fall, and I really like not having to strongly hold on - and I break less skin on my hands. I really wish they were neoprene though so they had the same warming benefits. The weird thing is for your one hand gate and turns - if you're not used to them they may not let when you think they would. You can free ski much longer with these too. They exhibit little to no wear.

As to sizes without trying on... Some sites have measurement guidelines, and if you extrapolate from your walmart sized gloves you should be able to get either a perfect or just slightly loose/tight.

Stephen Reid

02-23-2008, 01:55 AM
Barts & Overtons are the deal. Look for specials too.

I also need to put in my $0.02 for Clinchers. I am NOT a tourney skier, but have been enjoying free skiing since the age of 5. Clinchers let me ski all day with no hand, finger or wrist stress whatsoever. I'm on my 4th pair and each has lasted about 3 seasons.


02-27-2008, 01:53 AM
If anyone cares..... I went to one of the three inboard shops in the area and bought some HO 41 Tail Syndicate gloves with a Kevlar weave in the palm. The glove is closed pre-curved fingers with a wide wrist strap and secondary strap over the back of the hand. Feels pretty good. Bought a large and a medium. The current plan is for me to use the large and Richard the M but we will see how they change in the water - I may move down to the medium.