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01-06-2008, 05:04 PM
We love our boat and have approx 175hrs on it in 2 years. The dealer, Lakota Watersports in Cinncinnati and SC have been very helpful as well.

Some questions and comments for fellow Moomba Owners, 2006 Mobius LSV:

Cooler Plug. We did not get one that fits the hole in the built in cooler. Did everyone else get one? The one that came with did not fit hole, dealer said it may be the plug for the center locker, but I don't see use for it there and it doesn't fit there either. Haven't been too worried about it, just wondering what everyone else got and if there is suppose to be one.

Anyone else have hydraulic wake plate fluid leak into bilge? Dealer fixed leak but I still haven't got all fluid cleaned out. Under gas tank too hard to get to. Eventually after cleaning multiple times should be gone I guess. It keeps coming into the center ski locker area.

No center bilge drain plug? Only drain plug is rear and it doesn't seem get all the water out. My old Ski supreme had both a center drain plug and a rear, much easier to get all water out when on the trailer.

Spring in glove box. Anyone replace the spring with an arm? If so what size and did you have to drill new holes?

PP. Does PP show water temp? Thought I saw this on a thread and have never seen it on mine. Also have not figured out saving rider settings yet, I guess it does that too.

Wakesurfing. Thinking of getting bigger rear ballast bags so I can get better surf wake on left-foot-forward side. Guess there are 700# bags available out there, but don't know if fiitings will match factory or not? With just wife and 2 younger kids in boat the factory back ballast aren't enough on port side (driver's weight can't be moved) when you compare wake to loading up with bunch of people on that side.

Center Ballast is definitely as full as possible from factory? The factory bag is way too big for the locker, it pushes open the door when gets too full. Think would have a bag that fit the spot from the factory or went farther forward to get enough weight in there while keeping the door closed.

Handling. When turning to the right at around 24 mph the boat seems to dig in and hook hard to the right. It feels like the back driver's side of the boat goes down too. It is not as smooth nor stays as flat (side to side) as the left hand turn at the same speed. Saw on a thread that filling center bag stopped prop from captivating, will have to try that for this issue. I always try to even out the weight using the back ballast bags, but people tend to move around.

Watch who you let drive your boat. I had mother-in-law do one of her patented "power turns" and the prop captivated (came out of the water). It freaked me out. We were loaded up with people, most in the back with ballast, we were air-chairing with the wakeplate all the way up, so that was probably the issue. Ski Notquite DD Owners just don't understand the difference in the configuration of a wakeboard boat to a static hull ski boat where they cannot change how the boat handles. It's funny how much they want to drive my boat compared to how much they've ever let me drive their boat.

Rear Storage Compartment lids. Bolts come loose and won't stay in up position at all, tightened bolts but the lids still crack me in the head sometimes when digging for gear. Anyone had this or found a good easy solution?

The Heater is the most talked about feature on the boat especailly for using the boat earlier and later in the season and for those night cruises. It is well worth getting, I'm glad my dealer talked me into it.

The docking lights are great for night cruising as well. Don't have to have the Q-Beam blinding everyone as much when the "head lights" are on.

Will factory wakeboard racks hold wakesurf Boards? Specifically Hyperlite Broadcast and Phase 5 Wakesurf Boards? Having a hard time finding aftermarket racks that will hold 2 Wakesurf Boards. I got, as a gift, the Skylon Bat Racks that hold 2 Wakeboards. I didn't think I would like them but once installed I do like them and now can add their swivel feature if I want too. Not as expensive as the dealers swivel rack option from Roswell and should get the job done.

Did they move the Tower Speakers/Light Bar Assembly forward on the tower in 2007 or 2008 models? I can't tell you how many times people have cracked their heads on the tower speakers boarding the boat or coming in off back sunpad.

We are now known for having the fun "party barge" out of the group at the lake that can hold everyone and supply the music, storage and wakes for a great time air chairing, wakesurfing, wakeboarding or night cruising. We use others hard core DD slalom boats for the course, when we or the kids rarely run the course, but LSV has good open water wakes for my wife and I to slalom and can still run the course if we want.

Any other 2006 Mobius LSV Owners, your comments or shared experiences are welcomed... Thanks, KarMob

01-06-2008, 09:29 PM
periodically squirt some dish soap in the bilge and let it slosh around witha little water.. that will help break up the hyd fluid..

PP.. I too have an '06 LSV and had the same question:
I went and checked mine at storage last weeknd.. WORKS

Fat Sacs for Surfing: Get this sac
Pro X Series Fat Sac™ - W707
dimensions: 50 x 20 x 20 weight: 750 lbs. / 340 kg.
Fits Perfectly in 06 LSV.. I never fill it full for wakeboarding, but fill one side up and is great for surfing...

Center Ballast sac.. burp it.. make sure you get the air out.

My LF Venture surfboard will not fit in Moomba racks.. Looking for a rack myself.. looking at DIYWake.com 's rack

Ride safe..

01-06-2008, 10:08 PM
Thx 04Outback.

I bet I have the Water Temp too on PP and just did not know it for the last 2 years. PP is so difficult to use I am lucky to get it set for my wife to pull me let alone use the other options. Your threads really helps.

I'm going to get the 750# sacs before our first trip down to the lake. Do they come so that I can just attach them or do I have to request adapters or something so that my current hoses and fittings for the pump from factory will work?

I was looking at the 2008 Model pics of the LSV and my speakers stick out behind the tower way more than they do now on the '08s. The whole setup looks smaller now. My boat's not here but from pics I have of it, it looks like the speaker/lights bracket just clamps on the top bar of the tower. So I am going to try to move them to the front top bar of the tower so they do not protrude out behind the tower as much. Now they are attached to the back top bar. Do you have the tower speakers? IF so how are they?

Do you still have the spring in your glove box?

I'll go to the boat shows and check out the 2008 and talk to my dealer. It is always a good winter thing to do since I can't boat for 4 more months!

Thanks for your input. Can't wait for April 18, 2008, our first trip back to the lake!

01-06-2008, 11:31 PM
05 LSV (the little model – now the Outback V)

Never used the cooler plug. I use the cooler as a dry box.

No plate leaks.

Wet vac at the end of the year, otherwise not enough water to worry.

I like the popping center sack. It reminds me to shut of the pump :)

I have the spring on the glove box, it works but is not the coolest design feature.

Water temp. Yes but I could only find it once – the fishing boat has temp and I use that. Other than that I find PP very easy and love it.

Power turning a V drive is IMHO – bad. I have a friend that does it – in his boat.

I got a Tsunami pump & twin sacks. The heck with all the other plumbing.

Handling – I’ve never had an issue and we yank & bank tubes a lot. Center bag trick works for cavitation.

No trouble rear doors. I yell at the kids a lot to stop hanging on them. Stock racks and speakers. Racks will not take a surfboard, what you want is the new “hard top” bimini – it will hold two kneeboards and a surf board.

I remain very happy with my boat.

01-07-2008, 12:15 AM
I have hit my head before... know what you mean.. The '08s seem to have a different light/speaker bar than the Roswell I have on my '06.. It does set back a little...

My spring is still intact... it came unglued on my '04 Outback though and I glued it.. I do know the '08s have a different style of spring.

I think you have to order the fittings separately...as they have several options. The staff at Fly High Fat Sacs are great.. they respond to emails quickly and are accessible by phone.. Call them and tell them what boat you have and they'll tell you what fittings you need. They supply the factory sacs and fittings so they know... I think you just need 2 Flow Rite to quick connect fittings (W736)
They switched to 400lb sacs for '07.. They fit great too, but if you want to surf, it is pretty solid with 2-3 in the boat with 750 full! :D

01-07-2008, 11:11 AM
All these "problems" I have listed are very minor and mostly incnveniences. They are mainly just comments I was wondering if others thought the same.

We were able to get everything we wanted in a boat, a v-drive with wrap around seating, a great EFI Engine, ballast, wakeshaping device (wakeplate), tower, open bow, plenty of room and storage in a great looking boat for less than $40k. Again, we love our boat and are very happy with our choice!

That's true about center sac-it is a good reminder.

It would be nice to have gauges for the ballast but I guess we have to be careful what we wish for. If Moomba added every little thing someone requested the boats would cost $20k more like all the other Brands.

I did figure out that my speaker/light bar was attached to the wrong tower cross member from the factory. I found pictures of the 2006 LSV, from a SC Brochure on the web, with the tower speakers and they are attached to the front tower bar and sit more under the rack than mine that are attached to the back top tower bar and protrude out much more. Looks to be an easy fix-unclamp and move the assembly to front top cross bar. Probably will have to buff the back bar where they have been clamped for the last 2 years. No one would have ever noticed this, and haven't over the past 2 years, except for me being bored in the winter and wanting to talk about boats. Will see first trip down if I can move it.

SD2, how much is the new hard top bimini? I've seen them and they look really nice. They were not available for my '06 when I ordered it. My only concern is that in cooler months I like to go without the bimini. The hard top would end up being pretty permanent, I'm sure it is not that easy to take off. I saw Matt and the guys wrestling one when I stopped by last year. From what I remember they are pretty expensive after the fact. The black hard top bimini would look great on my boat though...decisions, decisions. If anyone finds a good 2 Board Wakesurf rack, let me know. I'll probably end up doing both as the kids collect more gear.

I'll contact Fly High when I order the new 750# sacs. Thanks for the part number on the fittings.

Thanks for all the help. Enjoy!

01-07-2008, 12:29 PM
I want to say that I saw the cost for this cargo bimini at 1500+ dollars on the boat builder!

01-07-2008, 12:47 PM
Yes that is what I thought. I remember asking the dealer when I first saw it and it being quite expensive. Maybe if my current bimini ever needs repalced, but I don't think the wife would go for that one.

Wish Skylon would come out with a Wakesurf rack that holds 2 boards instead of their current one that just holds 1 board.

01-07-2008, 07:12 PM
check into Dbot5 racks, I got one and love it holds 2 boards and a surf board if you get the extra arm attachment

01-07-2008, 08:03 PM
Thanks, I did here of Dbot5. Nice looking racks..ha,ha.

I e-mailed Dbot5 to see if they had a rack that would hold 2 Wakesurf boards, but they don't. I don't needack that will hold 2 wakeboards and 1 wakesurf.

I'll keep looking, waiting. I've got 4 months until first lake trip, who knows what will come out by then?

Pregame is about to start here in C-Bus...Go Bucks!!!

01-09-2008, 04:45 PM

I've also got a 2006 LSV, have about 60 hours or so. Some responses to your questions:

Mine came with a cooler plug and it fits the hole.

I've had no hydraulic leaks associated with the wakeplate. In fact, I've had no fluid leaks at all.

Yes, water collects in the center locker and does not drain out. I use my kids "Aquazooka" water shooter thing to suck the water out if my boat is going to sit a while.

I still use the spring to prop up the glovebox. I personally don't see any need to replace it with a shock - it works fine for me.

Yes, PP does show water temp and you can store rider names and preferred speeds. Please read the PP manual that should have come with your boat or follow the link below to my previous post on the temp readout issue:


The 20x20x50 750# fat sac should be a direct replacment for your stock bag. If you want to have this sack in addition to your stock ones, you will have to buy the necessary fittings. Otherwise, you can transfer the fittings from your stock bags to the new ones.

Make sure you are getting the air out of the center bag. Yes, it pushes up the center locker door and the mushroom type handle to pull it up with. I cut mine down so that the handle no longer pushes up, just the door. I just dump out enough so the door goes back down.

What bolts are you talking about that have come loose causing the rear storage door to stay up? Not sure what loose bolts have to do with the door not staying up. You sure you just don't have a prematurely worn out shock? Mine stay up fine unless there's a strong wind blowing right at it.

Agreed, I need to get a heater installed in my boat.

Yes, the factory board racks will hold some surfboards. I have the CWB Ride and it fits just fine. My son's Hyperlite Coex 4'-4" board goes into the rear locker but I am pretty sure it will fit as well. A good place to buy the racks is at monster.com ($315 for both sides, will hold total of 4 boards). Much less than the dealer for the exact same racks. If you are not far from a dealer, suggest you take your surfboard there and try them on a set of racks installed on a new boat.

Hope that helps.


01-09-2008, 05:37 PM

The bolts that hold the shocks in place were loose. Tightened them up and they worked better, but still fall every once in a while-no big deal.

Thanks for the info on the ballast bags, saved me from having to order the fittings. I am just going to replace the stock bags so I can use their fittings on the new bags, from what you said.

Do you have the tower speakers/light bar? If so are they attached to the front or back top tower bar? Just wondering if mine is the only boat they put them on the back. Ordered my boat in January 2006 and took delivery in late April so I am assuming it was one of the first 2006s they shipped. Looking at pictures now it does look glaringly obvious that they stick out towards the back really far. The owner's manual top view of the Mobius LSV clearly shows them connected to the front tower cross bar. I'll have to check the wiring but shuold be easy fix. That will be a big head-saving improvement. :)

Have you ever had your dash lights and other items flash on and off 3 times when have a large load on the batteries? Night cruising with music playing and tower lights etc on, with switch in the 1 position, it has happened to me quite often. I think it does this when the accessory battery gets low on juice. I'm going to make sure they both have a good charge and leave the perko switch to the 1 position for now on. I thought maybe the accessory battery was not being charged unless the position was in 1&2 but from what I've read it will get charged once the starting battery is fully charged even in the 1 position. There are many good threads about the dual battery setup and the owner's manual is pretty self explanatory. Maybe I need to switch to 1&2 when using alot of accessories and cruising? Or I must just have a weak accessory battery. The funny thing is the boat will not start when in position 1&2 but only when in position 1. Thought that was odd. :?:


01-09-2008, 07:25 PM
Please confirm with whomever you are burying the fat sac from that the fittings can be re-used. I would think so since the manufacturer of the bag is the same but I hate to be wrong and inconvenience you.

I do not have tower speakers. If they mounted it on the wrong crossbar, I would see if they will fix it at no cost since it is a safety issue with everyone banging their heads on it.

I do not have problems with my dash lights flickering.

Regarding the battery switch, unless you have an electronic one, it seems to me that if you have it on 1, then you are hard wired to batt #1, if on 2 then you are hard wired to batt #2, etc, so I don't know about batt # 2 getting charged after batt #1 is fully charged even if the switch is set to #1. I think this is just a simple mechanical device but I could be wrong.

From your symptoms, it seems that one of your batteries is bad.


01-10-2008, 11:22 PM
Here is a link to a picture of my boat, you can see how the tower speakers stick out the back of the tower. Will look abd work much better when I move them this spring.

http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/1345/karlingmobiuslsv06kj0.th.jpg (http://img205.imageshack.us/my.php?image=karlingmobiuslsv06kj0.jpg)

Wanted to see if I could post a picture, too. Imageshack.us just allows thumbnail links tho their site I guess?

01-11-2008, 05:02 PM

Seeing if can post image directly, may have this figured out!?

01-11-2008, 05:03 PM
Nope.. again...


01-11-2008, 05:27 PM
Got it finally, click img icon in Post and copy direct link from imageshac.us. Fun, fun.

Can't wait to hi the boat shows and check ou the 2008s. Kimd of depressing seeig all the updates though, but they are going up in price every year.

01-11-2008, 11:52 PM
gsi09907 I found a 2 Board Wake Surf Rack from Dbot5. Here's a linkg to wakeside with it for sale and a pic below. It is a called the Dbot5 Robot AXL Plate.


01-11-2008, 11:53 PM

01-12-2008, 02:21 PM
I have an '06 LSV and have had a few minor glitches, but nothing terrible. Leaks from packing are the most annoying and the center locker getting filled w/ water and never draining no matter how high I put the trailer. I have now learned to have someone in the boat on pulling up the ramp and have them hit the bildge for about 20 seconds... I love it when we have onlookers on the dock to starbord. ;) My rear struts did go bad after about 12 months... my bow to stern warranty covered that.

The "CAVITATING" - not "captivating", (though it is 'of interest') - comes from missing a basic understanding of "prop steer". All propeller driven craft create torque in the opposite direction of propeller spin. A plane wants to turn the opposite way of it's prop, so "flying level" means slighly leaning over against the prop. A helicopter has a tail rotor to keep it from just spining in circles. Boats have counter acting fins, but still "like" turning one direction. For Inboard ski boats other than Nautique, it is to the right. If you stood up and jsut let go of the steering whell the boat will ALWAYS turn right. So going straight means having the rudder turned slightly left. This makes turns to the left much smoother and flatter because the prop is diggin the opposite way. When turning hard right, you are allowing the prop to dig in even more and thus the very tight turn ratio availble. If you allow it to turn very hard, it may allow some "VENTILATION" - this is mostly what you get in inboards, air mixes with the water going over the prop and you get that harsh noise and higher revs. It is not good for the engine, but in short accidental sputs is really not any damage. Full CAVITATION is from the prop actually exiting the water. This can happen on wakesurfing when all the ballast is on one side and you turn hard (also one of the first things you should learn about when driving for wakesurfers).

"Power turns" when you get close to doing a full 180 in less than 2 lengths of the boat are very hard on the boat and can cause undo stress on the center fins that keep the boat from doin exactly that. V-drives are also designed to NOT do it. It was created on flat rear hulled, light, center-drive ski boats that can easily pop the rear out of the water for a moment. V-drives do not have the same CG or rotational torque that center drives do. Keep her off the wheel!

Enjoy your '06


01-12-2008, 06:06 PM
Thanks for the info Joe. I'll try to keep her off the wheel. They have always had DD hard core slalom boats. My first boat before the LSV was a 1983 Ski Supreme. Narrow, short no room inboards, but it handled like a beast-definitely not the same as the LSV.

Thanks again for the info and I'll forward it on to anyone who thinks they are going to drive it.

01-12-2008, 06:57 PM
Good Find on the Dbot5 Rack. they are on sale for $199..
Gave me something to do here in the hospital.. Got me one on order!

01-13-2008, 07:22 PM
I couldn't believe it when I saw the Dboy5 racks that hold 2, I had been to theirs site and did not see a 2 board rack before.

I e-mailed Skylon to see if they are coming out with a 2 board wake surf rack soon. I'd rather have one that matched my current wakeboard rack.

I'll see if they get back to me and what they have to say before ordering the Dbot5.

Hope your wife gets to go home soon, great to hear she is doing so well!

03-18-2008, 09:13 PM
Also purchased my 06 Moomba LSV from Lakota. I had various issues with my boat such as bad ballast pump and a speedo guage and depth finder had to be replaced within a year. All in all, nothing major and the Lakota guys took care of everything. My nephew bought a 06 Malibu at the same time and has had the same number if not more issues. In fact, has been stuck in the middle of the lake twice because it wouldn't start. (p.s. Don't get on the tube after a owner of a 60K boat finally gets it started. )

Looks like the string covered most of your questions concerns.

Someone mentioned the packing leaking. Note that the 07 have a new setup that doesn't use rope packing. The 06 can be upgraded. Also the 07 has larger ballast bags. Dang it!!!

Major issue I have had was a leak in the gas tank that was noticed when I had PP added. Lucky to catch that one.

Oh, and one more thing...O-H

03-30-2008, 01:48 AM
We are still waiting for our 08 LSV to arrive. I appreciate your honesty in your post. This is our 1st inboard so I'm not really sure what to expect, either way I can'y wait!!

03-30-2008, 04:53 PM

I agree on the 07 updates, I may do some them myself. I always had trouble with my 83 Ski Supreme Packing-getting it to drip the correct amount and now wish I had gone with th dripless packing option on mu 06 LSV. I miss the center of hull drain plug my old boat had.

I'm putting the 750 lb ballast bags in the back for wakesurfing first thing this spring. Plan on getting stainless cupholders (cheap upgrade), moving the speaker/light bar to the correct position (front top crossbar) to save head aches.

I visited Matt and Gorge at the C-Bus Boat show to check out the 08 model. Matt said he could get the parts cheaper for me to do whatever upgrades I wanted so I'm sure I'll talk to him some time this spring. They are great to work with once you are one of their customers. I know Matt will probably read this thread..Hi Matt!

If you are ever near Grider Hill on LC look us up. We are 700 row, usually have HB out in cove in midle fork or west. HB-Family Fun Time Dam It! Go Bucks! Kevin

04-23-2008, 05:04 PM
Did you ever look inot moving your tower speakers? If so, was it difficult? Mine are also mounted on the rear tower bar and people are always hitting their heads on them.

04-23-2008, 06:10 PM
I looked at it this weekend, but did not get it done. Had to install wakeboard rack and Wake Surf Rack first- that's about the same project-clamping stuff to the tower. It is just 2 clamps so should not be hard. The wires come from the front bar so that won't be an issue-will just have to tuck extra wiring back into tower bar. Dealer recommended getting the rubber sleeves to put between rack bar and clamp like SC started doing on the current models, he said, so I may get those from him before I move them. I'll let you know when I'm done how it went but it doesn't appear to be that difficult. Will need help holding up the speaker/light bar while I unclamp so may take a few extra hands that I didn't have this weekend. My fear is the condition of the tower bar where they have been clamped for the past 3 years. I hope it doesn't look too bad but an SOS pad may help touch that up I imagine.


04-24-2008, 02:36 PM
I still use a Q-beam to locate shoal markers. In South Carolina it is illegal to operate the boat at night with docking lights constantly on. Which this law is violated by every pontoon on the water it seems. I got docking lights on my new boat simply to irritate friends of mine, who are irritated by the clueless on our lake at night.

04-26-2008, 11:34 PM
hey KarMobLSV06 -

what did you end up using as spacers between the clamps and the tower bars of your tower? i'm facing that issue very soon. thanks!

04-30-2008, 04:17 PM
I put a call into my dealer to see if they could get the rubber sleaves used on the newer models between the Speaker/Light Bar Clamps and the Tower.

I bought a Wakeboard rack and Skylon had a couple of different sized rubber sleeves to use for the wakeboard rack clamp (For various tower diameters). I already used the extra one in that kit for my Dbot5 Wake Surf Rack install from last trip. No way was I going to clamp on the Dbot5 rack without something between the metal of the clamp and the tower. I believe SC now uses a similar setup, rubber sleaves, from what my dealer told me at the boat show. I' would love to have gotten the SC Swivel Rack setup like on the Supras but just to expensive so I'll use the aftermarket for now and hopefully they will eventually come down in price as new racks come out.

I will let you know what I find out. Hope to pick some up soon, like on my way to lake this Saturday, so I can get this project done this weekend. If not, then maybe on way back next Monday ready for Mem Day Weekend, then the kids can help with this project.

Stay tuned...


05-05-2008, 07:24 PM
I am getting ready to pull my '06 LSV out for the '08 season and am remembering all these little things that I wanted to "fix" this year. Caveat: looked at a lot of boats before I bought this one -- reluctantly accepted that i would never spend the $$ for a malibu or mastercraft. ONCE I GOT IT HOME, NEVER REGRETTED THE PURCHASE ONE TIME -- this is a great boat.

I did have a cooler plug and it fit.

I have looked for a replacement for the spring but cannot find anything.

Not sure exactly which screws in teh back you have trouble with but
I have had issues with the carpeted surface in the rear storage coming loose (tighten screws on a regular basis) as well as the supports for the "wings" not being strong enough to keep them up -- thinking of replacing them as well.

My wake plate has lost a lot of fluid, brought it to the dealer and they had no answer - now i know to look for the leak.

Wakeboard racks from Moomba are not great. My rubber is coming out and cannot think of a glue that would withstand the heat.

My ballasts are inconsistent at best. They may fill but rarely pump water out. (again dealer no help on this one).

Excited to learn that PP has a temp gauge (read the manual many times and just get frustrated with button sequences -- my bad).

Love the docking lights.

Wish the driver seat swivelled.

Wish the swim platform didn't dry out and put black on people's feet that was then spread throughout the boat (tried a lot of UV treatments, etc. the only solution is to cover it) -- my boat is kept on a lift.

Wish there was a good service manual to help with the basic tasks (winterizing and spring tune-up) -- with cramped quarters it can be hard to find things.

Wish the depth guage wasn't so easily confused (tends to go out in mid-summer when the lake is churned up and algea is up while other depth finders are still locating).

Wish I could store an inflated tube on top of the bimini like the Supra had the year I bought (dealer was to see if he could sell me one for the Mobius but never got back to me).

Tower speakers have cracked (again stored on a lift outside) so looking for good replacements and will likely buy some speaker sox.

Have had a few "concerning" cornering moments with a full boat (driver side seems to dip on a hard right turn even with even weight).

Overall, i would just like to find a solid place for updated components for the boat (e.g. better shocks for the rear compartment "wings") -- it would be nice if moomba would offer some of the updates of the newer models as upgrades to older boats.

ENJOY --- I am.

07-14-2008, 04:06 PM
I moved the tower speakers/light bar to the front top tower bar over the weekend. The thinnest rubber sleeves I got from Skylon (spares from wake rack install) were too thick (clamps wouldn't fit properly with a rubber sleeve) so I ended up just mounting the clamps to the front bar with no rubber sleeves (the same way it came from the factory). I was happy to see that there were no marks on the tower, that would not buff out very easily, from where the clamps were before.

The "move" was a very easy "fix", moved bench seat forward, lowered the tower, saved wiring covers, 4 bolts on each clamp, position close to final position on front bar but did not tighten all the way, lift tower, tweak position and tighten 8 bolts. I was able to use the tower holder to barely hold up the tower using the towers top pylon and was sitting on bench with tower in lap in case it slid off. I even had time to adjust the wake rack position to better match wake surf on opposite side because it was so easy. I was surprised the tower clamps were not as tight as I thought they would be from the factory, very easy to remove bolts.

Only "problems" so far this summer was a line wrapped on prop that I was able to get off easily.

My bimini tops lowest arm (where the bottom adjustable tube goes into the next) got bent in 90 degree angle, right at the joint somehow. I had adjusted it to the up position, so there was more head room, and left it up and open trailering to storage, believe it is too flimsy in up and open for the speed/wind and I must have bent it while trailering. I ordered a forward facing black bimini from dealer that came on the newer models, still hasn't arrived. Believe up position for storage only and should have been in down position when have the bimini open. I saw a pic with it in up position and opened and thought it was a good idea for more head room in back. So be careful!

I think I have an issue with accessory battery as boat won't start in battery position 1&2, has to be in position 1 to start, but think it is my fault for not charging up battery 2 enough when running. I think it should be left n the 1&2 position always and the system monitors the starting battery so you can't run it to low to start. Operator error! I was leaving in battery position 1 too much. Tried charging it and got an error nessage saying bad battery, so that's an easy fix-new deep cell accessory battery-I hope, and be sure to charge both batteries-leave in position 1&2.

Moving the speakers was a big help and looks better. I hope the forward bimini is an easy install with speakers on front bar now-we'll see.

Anyone have any thoughts on forward bimini? Once get it I'll see if worth keeping or if aftermarket bimini would be better.


07-15-2008, 12:17 AM
love to see photos of the move.. mine too are on the front bar..
I have factory 06 bimini but have lengthened the front straps so it could up higher.. (thanks to Al for that one)