View Full Version : Wiring new tower lights

12-26-2007, 05:39 PM
Hello all and Happy New Year

Just to tell a little tip I did when wiring the wires for the tower lights, maybe others also have done the same.
Well I checked that the plug close to the tower base, that feed power for the anc light on the top of the tower, is meant to use four pins but it only has two so, what I did is drill inside the plug where other two pins should be located and then I didnt need to drill other place for that, I would have hated that... :roll: .
Plug is already water sealed and if you use the existing pipe that leads wires for the anc lights, you canīt see new tower light wires anywhere...
I know ...I know...too many words to explain such a simple things..this happen when you donīt have enough vocabulary.. :oops: