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12-07-2007, 10:27 AM
Hello all.

Im just back from garage, did the impeller replacement in my 2007 Outback V. It was really a pain in the ass at first, there is no room to work as you well know.Tried even with the "famous" paint can openers and nothing.
At last I decided to take the water pump out and that was the best decission I took in ages :D . All was easy then and I used two pairs of pliers to get the impeller out, pulling opposite sides same time.
Impeller was almost new so I keep it as spare.
New one wasnt a Johnson so I needed to go to the shop and buy a new joint ( Johnson comes with all kinds of joints, O-rings and what I think is a water based lubricant, so get a Johnson if you can).
Detaching the ventilation fan made it even easier to work.
I applied some thread locker to the pump mounting bolts cause I found some loosen bolts in some places of the engine ( found one engine riser knob bolt in the bilge...the rear riser that also support what I think is the tranny cooler?).
Well Im getting to know the engine a bit more and the only thing bad is the lack of room to work, but as I said, you can make room removing some things...just remember to fix them again :lol:
Cracks on the gelcoat was well "repaired" with a nice Perfect Pass sticker :lol: .I realized that it would make more damage repairing the cracks than hidden them.Defo not a great problem.

Looking forward for next season :roll:

Take care you lot and HAPPY XMAS :D

12-07-2007, 11:37 AM
one of few drawbacks to a V-drive. a lil tuffer to access the front o da motor.

12-07-2007, 11:43 AM
Yea, changing the impeller is a pain on a v-drive. I'm buying one of these next year:

I don't put new impeller and gasket in until the beginning of the season when I put everything back together. Shouldn't be a problem though.