View Full Version : Anybody replaced a windshield?

10-19-2007, 09:32 PM
This afternoon. I left work, ran some errands and picked up the Moomba from storage. On the way home, I looked in my rear view and and it looked like something was covering my windshield. I looked back and noticed it was SHATTERED. Looks like something flew up from the road and busted it! Now I have glass all in the boat! That will be fun to clean up.

Has anyone replaced their glass? Is this something you can get at a glass shop or order from Moomba? My nearest dealer is 3 hrs away, but I am guessing they would use a glass shop to install.

Looks like windshield is mfg by Water Bonnet... Any help/suggestions appreciated.
OH, and the washing machine is on the blitz too... This is an expensive weekend! So much for surfing this weekend...

10-19-2007, 09:49 PM
Can't help you with your washer but I have taken my 98 Mobius windshield apart a few times to fix the seperation problem that these models had. If it is anything like mine you can take the screws out of the top frame, loosen the vertical frame near the walk thru, remove the winshield support, place the rubber gasket on the new windshield, slip the windshield with the rubber gasket into the lower frame, slide the glass into the outside frame, move the frame near the walkthru onto the glass, place the top rubber gasket on, place the top frame on, reinsert the screws and reinstall the window support. Find a few buddies to help and hopefully find one that knows washing machines. Good luck.

10-20-2007, 10:41 AM
zabooda -
Has reworking your windshield solved the separation or does it continue to come back? I had dealer do it (not under warranty) to the tune of about $400 so not looking forward to that again.

10-20-2007, 03:17 PM
The fix ended up adding an additional screw where the vertical and top frames meet near the vent window on the spotter side. The top frame never fit snug with the vertical frame so on a good bump the top curved frame would pivot on the single screws on each end thus opening up the frame from the glass in the middle of the frame. The screw prevents the frame from pivoting. The only other problem I've had is the screw at the bottom near the walk-thru worked its way loose and you can't get a screwdriver on it because the deck is in the way. I put some silicone rubber in the hole and put the screw back in using needle-nose pliers. I haven't had any problems with the driver's side windshield. The screw seems to fix the problem as I haven't had to fix the frame since. There isn't much room for an additional screw but you only need a small screw to prevent pivoting.