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10-03-2007, 12:49 PM
Is this OK to do on the boat? I've seen people call these a power turn, but it sure can feel hard on the bota and motor? Will it stress the brass fins?

10-03-2007, 01:16 PM
You know, when 'newbies' are in the boat, which isn't really very often, I'll show them the performance side of my '04 OB. We'll get going 30-40 mph, then I'll yank her hard right or left, and that will leave them with mouth agape. They are usually pretty impressed just by opening the motor-box and having a peek at the power plant.
But because I mostly wakeboard behind mine, I try not to torture her too much by doing alot of 'showboating'. Me spouse said might be the last boat I ever get. Don't want to tear up stuff by being stupid. Crap happens anyway, you know.
But short answer to your question is 'I've done it some'....kinda hard NOT to play with all that power and maneuverability.'

10-03-2007, 02:45 PM
shulaj - Did it, but not often, with my Nautique. Have not tried and won't with my '07 Outback. Kinda' like Butta, she's a keeper and want to give her the best of care. Also, I'm twenty years older now and less prone to taking risks. But never had anything bad happen when I did pull power turns. - Deerfield

10-03-2007, 02:58 PM
I ski in a river and do very tight turns at 34mph quite regularly. This is one of the reasons we got this boat as our older I/O couldn't handle it.

Driving the Ouback is a beautiful thing.

10-03-2007, 10:43 PM
There are varying degrees of the type of turn your talking about. I consider a power turn to be anything less then a complete 180 that doesn't result in he boat stopping at the end. I've done dozens of hard power turns with my 07 Outback during ski shows. We have to get back to our fallen skiers quickly to clear the lanes. Absolutely no ill effects to the boat. The Outbacks are made to handle this type of driving.

We also perform what we call a boat parade during our ski show. Its sorta like an exhibition to show the crowd what the boats are capable of doing. The parade consists of 4 boats starting out from a dead stop. We open them up and do a pass by the crowd, split into pairs and go opposite directions, pass the crowd again with a four boat thread the needle at around 40mph around 10' apart (if the nautiques can keep up with me.... lol), we link up again into a straight line and end in front of the crowd in a single file staggered swamp turn.

The swamp turn is wide open as hard as you can turn and then out of the throttle swinging the rear of the boat often more than 180 degrees. The boat goes from 45mph to 0 in seconds. My show roper has to hang on to the grab rail and pylon to keep from flying out of the boat. He is over 200lbs and many times his feet are in the air by the time the boat stops.

We have shows every other weekend and my boat ran every show plus practices this year without a hitch. The steering and drive systems are like new and she steers and handles like she did from day one.

I agree its a great idea to take care of your investment but make no mistake guys.........these boats are built to be used and they are tough!!!!