View Full Version : holy holley

08-26-2007, 08:36 PM
what a hidden surprise! today was the final straw with adjusting my 4160 holley on my 06 outback 310h.p. i pulled the front bowl only to see that the whole interior of the bowl has some kind of coating or sealer, clearish in color,flakeing off in small pieces,probably of which is getting under seat causing flooding and or rough idle. The metering block has none of this coating, so leads me to believe this was applied at holley factory. I remember a post somewhere, where new gas with ethonol was eating coatings on carb parts so could this be a promblem solution ? NOT. Thanks for imput as i hope for some ideas when i contact companies to get to bottom and at least bowl(s) replacement. :roll:

08-27-2007, 10:17 PM
back again on the holley subject. i complained to soon, as i called my dealer,A&S Boats about this promblem. the service dept. called me back 1 hour later stating Inmar was sending out a new carb asap. i have read many stories posted and thought i had a good complain to add, but having a dealer like A&S Boats makes me proud to be part of the Skiers Choice family! it's kinda like doing like doing bussiness the old way, the American way! can't wait to tell the story to the snotty mastercraft owners and like that ask, what's a Moomba? Thanks!