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07-30-2003, 05:55 AM
First of all, thanks to the Skier's Choice folks for creating this board, allowing so much useful information to be shared amongst Moomba owners. I also appreciate the factory boys monitoring the posts and getting involved to help us all out.

It's been amazing to watch the number of members grow so rapidly, it's now over 400.

My question is for the Skier's Choice guys.... there have been several threads about posting pics of our boats....I was wondering if at some point the website could be updated to allow pictures to be placed in our profiles. or in the threads themselves? So many nice looking boats, let's see 'em!

Just a suggestion, and thanks again for all the info...keep up the good work!


07-30-2003, 11:36 AM
I agree, this is a very usfull board, lots of great info, and I think it would be great to go to one location on this bulletin board to look at all the awsome Moomba boats out there.
I currently have a link attached in "my profile" where people often leave a cool saying that appears at the bottom of each post. This works, but unless I or anyone else with the same type of link posts a message you will have to go back and search through all the posts to find some pics.
Not to long ago someone was looking to buy a boat next year, and wanted people to send in there pictures so he could see all the different color combos. If we had a section just for pictures... "one stop shopping"
Keep up the great work Skiers Choice