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08-14-2007, 01:16 PM
Our family just bought a used Outback LS. No tower, no ballast. We all ski (except my 4 year old). I was thinking the end of the year might be a time to buy an inexpensive board or two on sale, try it out, and I was hoping you guys could help. No plans to add a tower or ballast anytime soon, and no plan to learn any fancy tricks, just enjoy sliding around and maybe jump the wakes a bit.

My experience with wakeboarding is that I have a very old O'Brien Shredder. This thing is like a miniature surfboard and has clips for "bindings." In addition, I have wakeboarded one time with a board and know how different that was and how difficult it was to get up not knowing the technique.

Here is what I would like, sorry if this sounds stupid but we are new. I would ideally like to find one board my wife and I could both use. Very basic, adjustable bindings. I weigh 215 to 220, and she weighs about 135 (she will kill me if she finds out I posted that). I am guessing that this will be a beginner board and should be cheaper than most. What size do I need and do you have any recommendations over the internet to buy a board on sale that will work? It looks like I need something as big as I can find for my weight? I assume too big for her, but that should make it easier to ride straight, just harder for her to turn and jump, right?

Also, I have a 1st grader that just learned to ski and if there is an inexpensive board he could learn on and that the 4 year old could also use in a couple of years, I'd be interested in recommendations on that as well. Thanks in advance.

08-14-2007, 03:10 PM

Welcome to the board, and welcome to wakeboarding (hopefully soon). My first wakeboard as an O'Brien Banzai board, which I think was the smaller version of the Shredder. Plastic, thick board with footstraps instead of bindings. A bitch to get up on since you couldn't sink it. Saw it at a boat show a LONG time ago when they first came out and bought it on the spot. I've not skied since. I think I have just dated myself :wink:

To your question, it will be difficult to find one board that will work for both of you, considering the weight difference. Too big a board and riding in anything but smooth water will be a chore, and you are right, it will be difficult for your wife to maneuver it. Plus, you will have to pull her extra slow since the large size of the board will exaggerate any roughness in the water. Too small a board for you and you will have a more difficult time getting up, and you will have to ride at a faster speed to be properly planing. Not what you want if you are just starting out. I would suggest looking in the local craigslist.com for used boards. There always seems to be plenty available. I picked up a nice Hyperlite Divine for my wife, about a year old, with bindings for $75.

I'm about 175lbs and I ride a 141. My wife is about 115 and she rides a 134. My 11 year old (about 75 lbs) rides a 122 (kids board).

Also, keep in mind that in general, wakeboarding requires smoother water than skiing. The board is so much wider than a ski, so even slightly rough water won't be much fun, especially for beginners.

Hope that helps.


08-14-2007, 03:36 PM
I checked craigslist but there isn't much that comes up in my area. Thanks for the tip though, it was a good idea. I'll keep looking.

Anyone know of any good websites to check for end of year closeouts? Other than Barts, Overtons?

08-14-2007, 04:33 PM
Al posted the perfect sizes for what you will be looking for.

I have bought a few of my bingings from Grizzly Sports.


They have good deals, but you have to watch for them.

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy cheap bindings. I did this and my right ankle is still paying for it! You can get away with a cheap board that may ride kinda funny, but cheap bindings with bad support will only do you harm!!!

I use a set of 2004 Hyperlite parks that I picked up in mid 2006 from Grizzly.
My wife uses the Liquid Force Alphas.

08-14-2007, 06:54 PM
I'm going to use the suggestions.

08-14-2007, 11:03 PM
I'll recommend buy a better used board than a cheaper new one.. My wife and I both started with Cheap boards to make sure we liked it (that did not take long!) and had replaced both within 6 Months.

Also, you may want to post in the wakeboarding and classified section on here that you are looking to buy, many folks upgrade annually and may have one they have finished using this summer. I just got some new bindings for a new board and spent a little time digging around the internet for some closeout deals.... Look www.evogear.com and ebay.com

RE: Jesse's comment, better bindings pay off. My first board was a L-XXL size ... Upside, when learning and falling often, they'll pop off feet easier...downside, when getting aggressive, they'll pop of feet easier..

Good luck and enjoy... You may find soon that you are looking for a Extended pylon and some weight and leaving the ski's at home! :lol:

08-14-2007, 11:12 PM
I dont know where you live but you might check around at your local board shops, It is getting closer to the end of season and alot of my local shops will discount usually up to 50% this month and then next month its 75% off to make room for all the snow boards, skis, ect. I would personally reccomend the Liquid Force omega, Its what I learned to ride on also my wife rode it no problem,(her 120, me 195lbs) the only real big issue I can think of would be the binding issue, or you could always just tell her to wear 2 or 3 pairs of socks. Best of luck to you