View Full Version : still waiting for new board

mark carpenter
08-13-2007, 05:27 PM
I ordered a phase 5 prop wakesurf board from wakespace it has almost been 2 weeks and several phone calls.( if they answer the phone). Wakespace says that my order was drop-shipped to phase 5, I am getting frustrated contacting wakespace and all that they tell me is that they are contacting phase 5. My question is should I be concerned about my order and hope that it will be delivered before summer is over.
This was a phone-in order and they said it would take about 4 days, I have just e-mailed phase-5 with about my order, I would have called them but there is no phone # listed on there web-site. If I can cancel this order do any of you know where I can order A phase-5 prop, I already have excellent boards from inland surfer, cwb, liquid force, and shoreline.