View Full Version : Looking at MOBIUS LSV

08-02-2007, 12:22 AM
currently have a 2006 Regal 1900 60hrs, looking at trading in and realize I'm gonna take a hit...

Looking at 2007 Mobius LSV
cockpit amp
grav 3
speaker clamps
tower mirror
twr speakers, sub 4 channel amp
wake racks
single axle

$40,200 ($45,643) My problem is my boat would sell outright I'm sure before next spring... The Mobius I am looking at is red and platinum which in pics I don't like but pretty nice in person. At the boat show if I were to order and with the'08s markup I don't know if i can get to that price??? Any advice out there???

08-02-2007, 02:21 AM
If all things are the same as previous years - you are getting about the same as boat show pricing now - the dealer is trying to get rid of the last of his '07s. The price increase per year is about $2k. So you can get an '07 for $40K or an '08 for $42K.

Save $2k and not wait.
Order the exact boat you want, but wait for it.

Up to you.