View Full Version : 2001 moomba Kamberra

07-28-2003, 03:54 PM
I have a 2001 moomba Kamberra, that was purchased 07/03 from a dealer in Arkansas. We have been using our boat pretty much every weekend during this summer until 07/05/03 We had just been wakeboarding with 4 people in the boat and stopped to take a break so we threw the anchor out and rested for about 20 min then when we tried to start the boat the boat made one turn of the motor and made a odd clunck.. So sat there for 30 sec. or so then retried and started up but the boat had a really bad miss and didn't have the power it had before, and you could hear a pretty loud ticking noise coming from the engine area so we made it back to the ramp, loaded up the boat,and delived to dealer on 07/07/03.

The Dealer has spoken with Indmar about this problem and they thought it had to do with the exhaust manifolds and during the process of trouble shooting the starter went out. They had to get with Indmar to get that replaced, so we now have the starter on boat and are waiting for them to finish repairs. I would like information about whether this could be a blown head gasket or a cracked head.

This boat had been winterized and dewinterized bye the dealer also. During the Dewinterized of the boat it had a bad water impeller and cause the boat to run hot is what I was told however all that was fix bye the dealer..

Please help been with out a boat for three weeks..
My direct E-mail is Gunnerb2002@yahoo.com